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10 reasons why you should buy a home on Toronto's east side instead of the west side

Purchasing a home in Toronto may very well be the biggest investment a local resident will make in their life, making it absolutely crucial to choose the location wisely.

As in many cities, we have our fair share of tension between the east and west, with many happy to come forth with reasons why their side is the better one.

And as popular as the west side is with its array of food, shopping, nightlife and more, the east side has a slew of things that one could argue make it the better option.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a home on Toronto's east side instead of the west side.

Easy access to some of the city's best nature trails

If you find yourself needing a break from the concrete jungle, you can get a nice breath of fresh air on one of the many of hiking trails and cycling paths on the east side, from the Lower Don and East Don Trail to the Leslie Street Spit and Tommy Thompson Park, from the Glen Stewart Ravine to Taylor Creek to the Scarborough Bluffs.

The best beaches 

While the west side may have Sunnyside Beach, the east side's counterparts are much better. Woodbine Beach is known to be bumping all summer (for good reason), while Bluffer's Park Beach will make you feel like you're abroad with its dramatic cliff backdrop and scenic lookouts above.

Then, of course, there's Cherry Beach — a hot spot for dance parties, kayaking and more — and Sugar Beach for those closer to the downtown core who want a brief, sandy reprieve.

Toronto's best sunset views

There is no better place to catch the sunset than the top of the hill at Riverdale Park East or along the water at Polson Pier, where you can sit and watch the sun dip below the iconic city skyline from two very different vantage points.

Both are perfect for photo ops, and the crowds gathered there most evenings prove it.

Lots of unique ways to have outdoor fun

Aside from its vast array of bike and walking trails, the east side also has a ton of outdoor activities, like disc golf and archery at ET Seton Park, beach volleyball at Woodbine Beach, and lawn bowling at Cosburn Park — all fun and creative ways to get outside and enjoy the warmer months.

Tons of fun family stuff to do

One of Toronto's top attractions, the Toronto Zoo, is located on the east side, as is Riverdale Farm.

Other kid-friendly activities include the new gaming centre Activate in Scarborough, trampoline park SkyZone in Leaside, and the children's garden at Evergreen Brick Works, which also has diverse event programming all year long.

It's easier to get out of the city

Being stuck in downtown Toronto traffic is never any fun, but east siders rarely have to worry about that given how much calmer the streets are on that half of the city, and how accessible major highways like the Don Valley Parkway and the 401 are.

Drake is a fan

Drake has made countless references to the city's east side in his music, with nods to the Bridle Path, Morningside, the Scarborough Bluffs and Kennedy Road.

"On the east side of the city, that's where everybody stay," he says in his 2013 single The Motion.

Then there's the fact that he technically lives on the east side (if you're using Yonge as the divide), and also chose to open his own music venue, History, in the Beaches.

It's easier to get a good night's sleep

The east side is known for being quieter and less dense than the west side, far away from most of the city's nightclubs, after hours establishments and generally noisy nightlife that the west side is known for.

It's rare for east side residents to complain about losing sleep thanks to bars in their area, while on the west side, it seems to be a recurring problem.

The Ontario Line is on its way

While some may argue that the west side is better connected by public transit, the east side is soon to be home to the majority of the stops on the new Ontario Line subway, which in addition to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is sure to significantly increase property values in the area when construction is complete.

It's home to the best Greek food and Jamaican Patties

Anyone who wants Greek food in Toronto knows to head to the Danforth and Pape Village, where you can find the best souvlaki, spanakopita, Moussaka, feta-filled salads, and any other Greek dish you could want.

The area also comes absolutely alive when Taste of the Danforth, the city's biggest street festival frequented by millions per year, is on.

You can also find the best Jamaican patties — Toronto's signature food — in the east side now that beloved institution Randy's is gone, with places like Patty King Scarborough, Allan's Pastry Shop, Phamilyeats, Allwyn's Bakery and more.

Toronto's most exciting new developments is coming

The massive $1.25 billion redevelopment of the Port Lands is going to bring many exciting new features to the city's east side, including new beaches and parks, floating restaurantsfancy new bridgesan entirely new island complete with housing, offices, retail stores, a 25-hectare green space, the city's largest playground and more.

The work is already underway, with much of it due to be complete in just a few years' time.

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