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Sleepless residents have had enough with the music coming out of new Toronto nightclub

Music pumping out of a new Toronto nightclub that can be heard across the street is preventing local residents from getting sleep, and there's now a petition to stop it.

It's titled "Shut down the nightclub portion of Pizza Wine Disco (PWD) at 788 King St. W."

"Pizza Wine Disco (PWD), 788 King St. W., Toronto, has been masquerading as a restaurant but runs a nightclub after 11 p.m. Thursdays to Saturdays," the petition begins.

"This business has been a nuisance to our quiet community since opening in February 2022. Every weekend until 3 a.m., residents must put up with loud bassy music, large noisy crowds on their patio, sidewalk and street, patrons urinating and vomiting on private and public property, and traffic obstructions causing honking."

The petition goes on to say that the space shouldn't be allowed to operate as a nightclub as it only has an "Eating Establishment License." The demands of the petition are to shut down the club portion of the business, install soundproofing, not allow a CafeTO patio area to be used for lineups and to implement traffic control.

A video posted to Twitter shows the volume of the noise, which can be heard from across the street. However, Pizza Wine Disco says they comply with all by-laws, restrictions and municipal noise standards.

"Our sound system is designed to ensure noise levels stay within municipal standards at all times. It is equipped with limiters that automatically restrict the volume based on legally allowed parameters," a Pizza Wine Disco representative tells blogTO.

"Staff also routinely conduct decibel readings outside of the premises to ensure compliance. We continue to work diligently on our commitment to being productive and considerate members of our vibrant community."

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