Meet the team behind blogTO. We are passionate about the city of Toronto and aim to document what it's like living here, and the people and places that make it special.

  • Lauren O'Neil, Senior News Editor
  • Karen Longwell, Copy Editor and Reporter
  • Amy Carlberg, Food Writer and Reporter
  • Mira Miller, Reporter
  • Tanya Mok, Food Writer and Reporter
  • Becky Robertson, Reporter
Video and Social Media
  • Aaron Navarro, Video Editor
  • Jaclyn Skrobacky, Social Media Editor
  • Jason Pham, Videographer
  • Adam Seward, Videographer
  • Dhanung Bulsara, Video Host
  • Mercedes Gaztambide, Video Host
  • Azalea Zoe Hart, Video Host
  • Carrie Oehm, Video Host
  • Charlotte Ayaz, Video Host
  • Fareen Karim, Staff Photographer
  • Hector Vasquez, Staff Photographer
  • Dani Stover, Podcast Host and Producer
  • Jason Perrier, Editor
Contributing Writers
  • Misha Gajewski
  • Lori Harito
  • Olivia Little
  • Darren Susilo
  • Tim Shore