taylor creek park

Taylor Creek park and trail is a serene nature retreat in Toronto

Taylor Creek park and ravine is one of the largest natural areas in the city. The trail boasts 182 acres of lush forest, a babbling riverway and incredible natural beauty.

taylor creek park

The scenic Taylor-Massey Creek runs through the entire park.

Stretching from Victoria Park to Don Mills, the east entrance of the ravine is just a 10-minute walk from Victoria Park subway station if you're coming by TTC. 

taylor creek park

The open grass area near the Victoria Park entrance of the ravine at Crescent Town and Dawes Road.

You can also take a 10-minute bus ride from Coxwell station if you’d like to enter on the west end of the ravine via Cullen Bryant Park. 

The nearly six-kilometre loop of hiking and biking trails that wind through the park stick closely to a trickling river providing lots of beautiful scenery and chances for duck sightings. 

taylor creek park

There are many access points along the trail that will get you close to the river.

As a major tributary of the Don River, Taylor-Massey Creek runs through the entire park before pouring into the larger main channel. 

A number of both steel and wooden bridges also cross over the creek, providing yet even more optimal river views. 

One of the impressive steel bridges along the trail.

The trail includes two different paths on either side of the river. One, a large, paved trail that is better suited for bikers, joggers and dogwalkers, and another dirt pathway that’s a little narrower.

taylor creek park

The different bridges throughout the park connect the two paths that run on either side of the river. 

The trail can get quite busy, though the larger pathway is wide enough to allow for enough space even when there’s a lot of traffic.

taylor creek park

The main paved pathway is wide enough to accommodate bikers and joggers. 

However, if you’re looking to stay out of the way of bikers and other visitors, the more private path across the river will provide you with better chances of an uninterrupted hike.

taylor creek park

The dirt path lets you get even deeper into the luscious forest and away from the busy main path.

From the trail, many beaten paths beckon to be explored with alternate paths and staircases branching off and leading you even deeper into the forest. 

taylor creek park

Staircases throughout the park allow access to higher points in the ravine. 

The vibrant forest is a critical habitat for a variety of wild creatures including different birds, squirrels and chipmunks, and the lush foliage provides a beautiful tree canopy overhead. 

taylor creek park

The century-old trees that fill the park reach impressive heights.  

Other than passing under a tall bridge at O’Connor you feel quite far removed from the city even as you’re in the midst of it.

taylor creek park

You'll pass the O'Connor Drive overpass about halfway through the trail. 

There are also lots of open grass and picnic sites throughout if you're looking to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. As well as a number of well-placed park benches for taking in the scenery.

taylor creek park

There are many spots in the park to sit and take in the serene surroundings. 

The park connects to Coxwell Ravine, Lower Don recreational trail and Charles Sauriol Conservation Area on the Don Mills side. Visitors should note that the parking entrance off Don Valley Road is currently closed. 

taylor creek park

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Fareen Karim

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