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Posted 4 minutes ago

Ontario cities are fighting back against a new $6 billion 400-series highway

Posted an hour ago

People outraged as Toronto removes tiny shelter after filing injunction against carpenter

Posted 3 hours ago

Toronto woman praised as hero for throwing herself in front of car to save children

Posted 5 hours ago

Someone captured a time-lapse of ice drifting along the Toronto lakefront

Posted 19 hours ago

More than 50 dogs rescued from Texas snow storms now looking for homes in Toronto

Posted 19 hours ago

Ontario city trying to attract new residents by giving away pajamas you can wear in public

Posted 20 hours ago

Travellers arriving at Toronto's Pearson Airport are ignoring new quarantine rules

Posted 22 hours ago

Major flooding turns Toronto transit station into terrifying water park

Posted 23 hours ago

Civil liberties advocates criticize Toronto for sending police bill to Adamson BBQ

Posted a day ago

Toronto businesses say we're not in this together anymore as lockdown continues

Posted a day ago

CNE planning to reopen for summer 2021 in Toronto

Posted a day ago

People are sharing their unpopular opinions of Toronto and some are pretty harsh

Posted a day ago

People are slipping on icy sidewalks all over Toronto right now

Posted a day ago

Couples in Toronto are bravely getting married in the cold out by the lake

Posted a day ago

Advocates in Toronto say barricaded seating at Union Station targets the homeless

Posted a day ago

Somebody stole a TTC uniform and Toronto police are on the case

Posted a day ago

These funny personal ads for Toronto singles are helping people date right now

Posted a day ago

Campers made more than 58K reservations at Ontario parks in the first few weeks of 2021

Posted a day ago

Video shows Ontario hikers stranded on ice floe before being rescued by police

Posted 2 days ago

This beautiful rare ice phenomenon was spotted at a beach in Toronto

Posted 2 days ago

Cell phone and traffic data reveal people in Toronto are going out more

Posted 2 days ago

Toronto police report second case of people throwing things from a condo balcony in 2 days

Posted 2 days ago

A teenage diver in Toronto has been cleaning up trash at the bottom of Humber Bay

Posted 2 days ago

Tiny shelter builder Khaleel Seivwright asks Toronto to drop legal action against him

Posted 2 days ago

Toronto mayor says he's determined to see lockdown end after two-week extension

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