ttc subway closure weekend

TTC will shut down a large stretch of subway this weekend

Passengers relying on the TTC's Line 1 subway may need to make alternative travel plans this weekend, as the transit agency will be shutting down service between Davisville and York Mills stations on Saturday, April 27, 2024.

Subway service both ways will be halted for the full day to accommodate ongoing track work. Trains will turn back southbound at Davisville and northbound at York Mills, and not serve Eglinton or Lawrence stations for the duration of the day.

The TTC will be running shuttle buses in place of subway service to keep passengers moving along the over five-kilometre gap on the Yonge stretch of Line 1 created by the outage.

As painful as shuttle bus replacements are, it sure beats previous subway outages where the TTC opted not to run replacement buses in any capacity.

That doesn't mean things will be easy for all this time around.

The TTC is advising customers exiting subway trains at Davisville to board shuttle buses using the station's bus bay — which will force local commuters to leave the station and board shuttle buses at the corner of Yonge and Davisville to allow room for shuttle service.

Extra TTC staff will be on hand to manage any confusion at all four stations affected by the closure, including Davisville.

Despite the lack of subway service, all four stations will remain open for passengers to purchase and load Presto fares, or maybe befriend a subway rat in a rare moment of quiet TTC solitude.

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