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Cafe x Bica has emerged as a popular cafe-hopping spot on social media, thanks to its refined ambience that takes you out of the city's usual hustle and bustle.

Housed in an exquisite design showroom near Ramsden Park, every detail here is carefully thought out, from the furniture selections to the cohesive colour scheme.

Cafe x Bica's stunning aesthetic is thanks to the collaboration between upscale design firm Elviano and furniture brand Atriani, which the design room enclosing the cafe is centred around. 

cafe bica torontoStepping into the cafe space, you'll be greeted by a sleek and streamlined counter, with enticing aromas of freshly brewed coffee permeating the entire room.

cafe bica torontoCurved lines draw your eye from one end of the spaces to the other, dancing across the arched walls and plush chairs, exuding a comfortable touch to this picture-perfect interior.

The gentle ambience is enhanced with soothing hues of olive green, pistachio green and ivory white.

cafe bica torontoCafe x Bica puts coffee first, offering a collection of beans sourced from various regions including Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ecuador, where their Colombian varieties are highly recommended for those looking for decaffeinated options.

Specializing in pour-over each glass is crafted with its own recipe, incorporating precise measurements of coffee, grind size, water temperature, and brewing duration, all of which play a role in shaping its distinct flavour profiles. 

cafe bica torontoWe begin our coffee tasting journey with the barrel-aged Kenya 99 ($8.20), a personal favourite of owner Pooya Sayyadi. 

Presented in a double walled glass, this brew releases the scents of red wine, enveloped with hints of whiskey, rum, and grape. Upon tasting, it unfolded fruity notes with a delicate floral finish.

cafe bica torontoEcuador Mejorado ($8.20) is a full-bodied coffee that aligns with the weighty feel of the ceramic coffee mug it is served in.

Highlighting a medium level of acidity, it showcases flavours of stone fruits like peach and black cherry, leaving a subtle sweetness that lingers on the palate.

cafe bica torontoMy preference leans towards their Colombia Sindra ($8.20) that comes with a narrow-opening glass to preserve its aroma and minimize exposure to air.

This cup boasts a well-balanced aftertaste without going excessively acidic or bold, accompanied by the delightful notes of vanilla and berries. 

cafe bica torontoAll milk-based beverages are priced at $6.90, except for their hot chocolate which is $5.90. You can always customize your drinks with non-dairy substitutes such as oat, almond, and soy milk.

cafe bica torontoThe infusion of citrusy lemon syrup and fizzy tonic water in this Espresso Lemon Tonic ($8.90) introduces a sour-sweet profile to the nutty espresso, resulting in a refreshing morning drink akin to lemonade.

cafe bica torontoI’d also suggest trying their Coffee Shake ($8.20), a medley of double shot espresso and seasonal flavour ice cream (with vanilla as our default). 

Sip on this rich and velvety concoction by giving it a nice stir, or digging into the softly melting ice cream to relish a chilled sweet treat.

cafe bica torontoIn addition to beverages, Cafe X Bica also serves up a variety of pastries from Gouter. 

For savoury options, look no further to this earthy and creamy Spinach and Feta ($6.40), an impeccable pairing with their floral and fruity pour-overs.

cafe bica torontoDressed in vibrant red stripes, the tangy raspberry jam filling of their Raspberry Croissant ($7.50) contrasts beautifully with its buttery and flaky shell.

cafe bica torontoIndulge your craving for sweetness with this delectable Nutella Croissant ($7.80). The smooth Nutella spread insert goes well with their coffee that features a sweet finish and mild acidity.

cafe bica torontoUndoubtedly, I’ll return for their pour-over brews and espresso lemon tonic.

Whether you're in search of premium coffee or seeking an excellent break spot with friends, Cafe x Bica's space aims to impress you with an exceptional experience.

cafe bica torontoCafe x Bica is located at 160 Pears Ave, Unit 100.

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