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trove is a wellness centre in the Fashion District that promises a tranquil escape from Toronto's bustling cityscape without actually having to leave the city. 

The facility boasts a comprehensive range of offerings, including a salt cave, cold plunge and IV Therapy.

Recent data from StatsCan indicates a decline in satisfaction with quality of life among Toronto residents, underscoring the need for wellness initiatives in the city.

In Ontario, only 48.3 per cent of individuals consider themselves 'happy and fulfilled,' contrasting with the national average of 51.7 percent.

These statistics are reflective of challenges many are facing in maintaining their well-being.

trove toronto

Zoë Paliare (left) and Tanya Kololian (right) each independently began envisioning creating a space for holistic wellness to be accessed all under one roof, and in 2021 upon realizing they shared the dream they immediately got to work founding trove.

In 2021, Zoë Paliare and Tanya Kololian left their corporate roles to establish trove, driven by a shared vision of prioritizing individual well-being amidst Toronto's increasingly demanding environment.

Drawing from personal experiences of burnout, the pair who have been friends since high school, envisioned trove as a haven for holistic healing, combining convenience with comprehensive wellness solutions.

trove torontoThe space near Spadina and Adelaide was strategically designed by Future Studio to bring to life Paliare and Kololian's vision of a space that encourages you to pause and recalibrate.

trove torontoUpon arrival, you're warmly greeted by a wellness concierge and presented with an array of retail wellness products sourced primarily from Canadian businesses.

trove torontoIn trove's IV Therapy lounge, you can pick from customized treatments starting at $45. IV vitamin treatments are becoming popularly used to combat exhaustion and boost the immune system. 

trove toronto

trove's glutathione IV drip delivers potent antioxidants to the body, aiding in detoxification and protecting against free radicals. It supports liver function, making it beneficial for individuals with high stress levels and inflammation. Cost for a 45 minute treatment is $235.

Administered and overseen by experienced and certified professionals, these infusions deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and hydration directly into your bloodstream. 

trove toronto

During their time at trove, you can frink complimentary teas, kombucha, and snack on delicious savoury brittle - a custom-developed recipe by Nutbar made from nuts and seeds seasoned with spices and honey.

trove toronto

For those seeking more, trove has a longstanding partnership with Nutbar, offering a mini-menu of delights such as smoothies and bites. 

Paliare and Kololian's vision for trove is centred on personalized care, with their wellness team assisting you in tailoring your visit to address specific needs.

trove torontotrove has five luxurious yet simple treatment rooms that cater to diverse wellness needs, offering reiki, facial services, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and deep tissue massages.

trove toronto

Virtual sessions, including hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, complement in-person services, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

"There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness," emphasizes Kololian, highlighting trove's commitment to tailoring experiences to individual needs.

trove toronto

trove's custom-designed journaling prompt cards are readily available in the journaling nook for those seeking inspiration. You can also purchase them in the retail space.

trove's salt cave, constructed with Himalayan salt blocks, offers therapeutic benefits including improved breathing and stress reduction, enhanced by wave mats harnessing key therapies.

trove toronto

You can immerse yourself in trove's intimate journaling nook, equipped with custom-made prompt cards to facilitate introspection and intention-setting. trove fosters a quiet zone, encouraging you to disconnect from electronic devices and reconnect with yourself.

trove toronto"When we're surrounded by the fast pace of our lives, it's hard to connect with ourselves," Kololian said, emphasizing the focus on 'down-regulation' at trove.

Following the pandemic, down-regulation practices have gained popularity as individuals re-prioritized their mental well-being during the months of lockdown.

trove toronto

"The way a lot of people have to live in Toronto is unnatural," said one of trove's class instructors Rachel Fallon while introducing a restorative yoga session. 

"It's more important now than ever before to connect with ourselves, especially those of us who are feeling the burnout from the everyday grind of our lives."

trove toronto

trove offers down-regulation classes like elemental rhythm breath work, restorative yoga, soundscapes + sleep, yin, and reiki which can all be booked online.

Like much of the facility, trove's studio room exudes tranquility with its cozy ambience and grounding design elements, offering a serene space for reflection.

In addition to IV therapy and the salt cave, trove's red light therapy, featuring the powerful Prism Light Pod bed, offers many benefits including pain relief and skin rejuvenation.

trove toronto

A great way for you to conclude your trove experience is with a refreshing cold plunge and infrared sauna session, either individually or in small groups, ensuring privacy and relaxation.

trove torontoPaliare and Kololian envision trove as a sanctuary where you can seek support and start on your wellness journey, addressing the pressures of modern life in Toronto.

trove torontoLocated at 426 Adelaide St. W, trove is a body positive space and fully compliant with AODA standards (The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act), designed to welcome all seeking support in their physical and mental health journeys.

Photos by

Fareen Karim.

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