yonge and eglinton

Toronto's most cursed intersection appears to finally finish years-long construction

Toronto's Yonge and Eglinton interesection has been doomed with ceaseless construction in the last decade plus, with various stages of numerous new condo complexes and transit projects now completed, in progress or still on the way.

Pedestrians, drivers and cyclists have long been bewailing the nightmare of navigating the corner, the surface of which has been dug up and relaid multiple times as Metrolinx makes the necessary infrastructure upgrades for the forthcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

And, for what feels like the umpteenth time in recent memory, the streets and pedestrian crossways in the area appear redone yet again this week after they were completely torn up just a few days ago, resulting in a mess of gravel, pylons, fencing and lane closures.

One local took to the Yonge and Eglinton Community Facebook Group —where many venting discussions on the subject have taken place — to share photos of what looks to be new tarmac and paint at the intersection.

The person wrote that the paving and painting of road markings looked to be complete as of Saturday, to which another neighbour added that "crews were very busy paving and painting last night, while also ensuring that vehicles went through the intersection as easily as possible."

That commenter called the progress "a good sign for spring 2024," though others begged to differ.

yonge and eglinton

Photos from April 20 show the corner looking refinished once again, though it was seen ripped up just three days earlier. Post from the Yonge and Eglinton Community Facebook group.

"Don’t get your hopes up…… more construction to come," one person remarked. "More road blockages for at least another decade would be my guess. Sigh, it's never-ending."

"I’ll give $1,000 to this [group] if they don't make another cut here less than 3 weeks," another joked.

And still another: "Oh don't worry, they will have to redo it... that's how it happened at my intersection."

This latest round of roadwork consisted of road milling, paving and line painting work after Metrolinx reconnected utilities that were impacted by the expansion and relocation of the subway platform beneath, which was (as much of the chaos at the corner is) part of the Crosstown LRT's construction.

Though just 10 days were allotted for the work, it seems like it may be wrapped up ahead of schedule, though the transit agency has warned that "short-term periodic lane reductions may be required to facilitate special activities" after this phase.

byu/TradeFeisty from discussion

There is also the fact that those who live and work in the neighbourhood have witnessed it returned to near-normal many times in the past only to see it reduced to a construction site once more.

While Metrolinx finishes off the finer details of its repairs (for now), citizens won't likely be too thrilled about the latest proposal for the area: a gargantuan set of more condo complexes on the northeast side.

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Jeremy Gilbert/Flickr

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