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Ontario is about to change the speed limits on some major highways

Though drivers may have to deal with some messy construction and lane closures on multiple thoroughfares in and around Toronto this summer, there is one change coming to parts of a few local highways that will actually speed things up rather than slow them down.

The Province has decided to up the posted speed limits on segments of Highway 401, Highway 403 and a few other arterial routes in southern Ontario starting July 12.

The limits, currently the standard 100 km/h, will be adjusted to 110 km/h, which officials are calling a common-sense and evidence-based update.

It also isn't a new concept — in 2022, after a successful pilot phase, limits were permanently bumped to 110 km/h on portions of Highways 404, 401, 417, 402 and the QEW.

The new areas where maximum legal speeds will likewise increase are:

  • Hwy 401 in Tilbury, extending the existing 110 km/h zone further east by 7 km
  •  Hwy 401 from Hwy 35/115 to Cobourg (approximately 35 km)
  •  Hwy 401 from Colborne to Belleville (approximately 44 km)
  •  Hwy 401 from Belleville to Kingston (approximately 66 km)
  •  Hwy 401 from Hwy 16 to Quebec boundary (approximately 107 km)
  •  Hwy 403 from Woodstock to Brantford (approximately 26 km)
  •  Hwy 403 from Brantford to Hamilton (approximately 14.5 km)
  •  Hwy 406 from Thorold to Welland (approximately 13 km)
  •  Hwy 416 from Hwy 401 to Ottawa (approximately 70 km)
  •  Hwy 69 from Sudbury to French River (approximately 60 km)
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