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Bhojan Ghar is the Danforth East's spot for Nepalese and Indian cuisine. 

The first thing I noticed upon stepping inside was the smoky scent of incense. The second thing I noticed was the sound of gentle flute music, which gave the space a calming feel.

Red, gold and brown are the dining room's dominant colours. Golden mandalas decorate the ceiling, while statues and masks line the red brick walls.

bhojan ghar torontoBhojan Ghar's menu boasts a wide selection of rice dishes, as well as flavourful noodles and Nepalese specialties.

bhojan ghar torontoMost menu items can be modified to suit individual preferences: Bhojan Ghar offers a sliding scale of spiciness, ranging from mild to extra hot.

bhojan ghar torontoMasala tea ($2.50) is a smooth, creamy drink served piping hot.

Though not as colourful or elaborate as some of the other dishes, its distinctive aroma and soft caramel colour make it a good match for Bhojan Ghar's more exotic options. bhojan ghar torontoGarlic Naan ($4.99) is a welcome addition to almost any meal, but pairs especially well with soups and saucy meat dishes.

This fluffy bread is baked daily with white flour and housemade garlic spread. bhojan ghar torontoThe Bhojan Ghar Platter ($10.99) is a great choice for indecisive diners.

This platter consists of onion bhaji, veggie samosa, veggie and chicken pakora and aloo tikki.

These finger foods can be sampled by a single person, or shared with a large group. Mint and tamarind chutneys are served on the side.

bhojan ghar torontoThe Mutton Thali Set, also known as the Mutton Dal Bhat, ($17) is one of three Nepalese style thali sets, each with a different main dish.

Black lentil and potato cauliflower — known in Hindi as dal and aloo gobi, respectively — are served alongside spinach, pickled radish, yogurt, and of course, mutton.

bhojan ghar torontoThese diverse (and delicious!) ingredients act as toppings for the papadem and basmati rice that come with the meal.

Though both are quite mild on their own, these South Asian staples really shine when paired with the spicy, salty and sour toppings.

In particular, the mutton gave the rice a rich, gamey taste that I really enjoyed.

bhojan ghar torontoShrimp Chow Mein ($16.99) is prepared in a traditional Nepalese style, with huge pieces of shrimp, thick onions and assorted vegetables.

Though not as spicy as its Hakka style counterpart, this dish is just as flavourful.

Jhol Momos ($16) are steamed dumplings served in a soup made from soybeans, sesame seeds and tomatoes. We opted for the chicken filling, though vegetable filling is also available.

bhojan gharThe combination of the tangy soup base and pillowy soft dumplings made this meal really stand out.

I scarfed down more of these momos than I'd care to admit and would have gone for seconds, had there not been other dishes to try.

Rounding out the menu are the Tandoori Momos ($17). As their name might imply, these momos are cooked in a clay tandoor, which gives them a slightly crispier texture.bhojan ghar torontoOnce the right consistency has been achieved, spices are added to give the dumplings a little extra kick. The final touch is achaar, a type of Nepalese pickle that acts as both a flavour enhancer and a garnish.

Like the majority of the menu, accommodations for choice of protein and spice level with these dishes can be made on request. 

bhojan ghar torontoBhojan Ghar is located at 1870 Danforth Avenue.

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Bhojan Ghar

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