himalayan momo house

Himalayan Momo House

Himalayan Momo House is bringing classic Tibetan-style momos to Midtown Toronto.

The restaurant occupies a second story unit above a Captain's Boil's location — but don't let it slip your eye.

Follow the garlands of multicoloured flags up the stairs and you'll find yourself in a sleek, minimalist dining room with a fantastic view of the neighbourhood.

himalayan momo houseAn area filled with families and schools, it's the perfect midday quick lunch spot or to grab an easy and warm last-minute dinner.

Black and white furniture give the space a sense of dignity, while cute decorations, such as potted plants and framed artwork, keep things fun.himalayan momo houseSome tables are even equipped with tic-tac-toe boards — a great way to pass the time while waiting for your meal.

Himalayan Momo House comes from Toronto businesswoman Tashi Choezom, and is inspired by her Tibetan background which formed the basis for the restaurant's menu.

himalayan momo houseTashi's Tibetan heritage was additionally the inspiration for her well-known cafe Himalayan Coffee House, located a few blocks away and famed for its adorable latte art

Tashi says — and anyone who frequents the Toronto food scene can't help but agree — that momos have grown steadily more popular in the city.

It's not surprising the dish has begun to make an impact on the city: Toronto has the second largest population of Tibetan folks in the world, second to Tibet itself. 

But the flavour-packed Tibetan dumplings haven't made much of an impression in Midtown — yet.

"I think this will be the first momo shop in this area," Tashi tells blogTO. She adds that she's excited to introduce the locals, who are fond of her slightly more North American-ized menu at Himalayan Coffee House, to her cooking.

himalayan momo houseButter tea and sweet tea ($3.50) are two tasty ways to begin your meal at Himalayan Momo House.

These drinks look quite similar, but couldn't taste more different. While sweet tea is seasoned with cardamom and ginger, butter tea is salty and smells a bit like fresh popcorn.

himalayan momo houseLemon tea ($3) comes in a glass mug, which puts its sunny yellow colour on full display. Unlike the other two teas, whose flavours are strong and rich, the lemon tea is light, with hints of ginger and honey.himalayan momo houseIf you want to cool down, try the mango lassi ($5). This cold, creamy drink is the perfect blend of fruit and yogurt. 

Though originating from Indian, the popular sweet and creamy drink is commonly found on Tibetan menus as well. 

As for momos, there are four types to choose from: two meat options and two veggie. These dumplings come with a side of hot sauce and can be steamed ($9) or pan fried ($10), according to individual preference.

Though all four momo types are wrapped in white dough and incorporate cabbage, onions and garlic, each flavour comes in a different shape, making them easy to tell apart.

himalayan momo houseTashi considers the beef momos to be the house specialty, as well as a crowd favourite. The chewy dough, thicker than a typical Chinese dumpling's outer, is neutral in flavour to let the seasoned meat shine.

These momos are crescent shaped, with pinched edges dutifully hand done by the team, to keep the meaty goodness from spilling out.himalayan momo houseThe chicken momos available at the Himalayan Momo House are oval shaped, with a stunning a criss-crossing braided pattern on the top, that looks as if it could've been machine-done.

The filling is tender and pairs especially well with the spicy condiments. Momos are famously paired with a vibrant chili sauce, garlicky and slightly sweet, offering quite the punch. himalayan momo houseThe paneer — an acidic cheese common in Asian dishes — momos have a simplistic rounded shape.

This look, combined with their light, cheesy flavour, reminded me of tortellini pasta and would be an excellent menu selection for someone unfamiliar wth Tibetan momos. himalayan momo houseVeggie momos are stuffed with carrots, cilantro and spinach. Their shape is similar to that of the beef momos, though their green-tinted dough makes it almost impossible to confuse the two.himalayan momo houseIf you enjoyed your meal — which you likely will, considering Tibetan momos are an excellent merge of familiar ingredients with exciting additions, in a cheerful and easy package — you're in luck. 

All four types of momos can be taken home in freezer bags from Himalayan Momo House, for roughly $9-$10 a bag. himalayan momo houseYou can also grab a jar of Tashi's homemade chili oil, to bring that Tibetan zing into your own homecooking.

And it's an excellent way to support a community and culture who have slowly, surely, and proudly made Toronto their home away from home. 

himalayan momo houseHimalayan Momo House is located at 2655 Yonge Street, upper level.

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Himalayan Momo House

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