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Songtsen Cafe

Songtsen Cafe is a cozy restaurant serving affordable Tibetan staples like momos, curry, and deep fried beef patties. 

Named after Songtsen Gampo, the Tibetan King who introduced Buddhism to the "roof of the world", this homey spot has plenty of comfy seating to gorge on Tibetan eats. 

songtsen cafe torontoEverything on this extensive menu is made in-house—from the baklep bread ($1.25 each) to the thukpa noodle soup ($7.99 a bowl)—and the best part is that everything is cheap. 

songtsen cafe torontoThere's even free Tibetan tea on tap. 

songtsen cafe torontoI've never tried shabalay before, and it might be my new favourite thing.

songtsen cafe torontoThese crispy pockets, which are described as beef patties and look like empanadas, run $7.99 for five pieces. 

songtsen cafe torontoYou really can't go wrong with a deep fried turnover with meat. With a thin, crispy dough similar to panzerotti, the beef inside has a texture akin to kebabs.

songtsen cafe torontoBaskets of momos come with 10 dumplings, steamed fresh in the restaurant's tiny back kitchen and served with a delicious Indian pickle hot sauce.

songtsen cafe torontoJuicy beef momos with cilantro, cabbage, and onions, are only $6.99; chicken and veggie ones are $7.99. 

songtsen cafe torontoOrder the mokthuk ($7.99) and you'll get nine beef momos in a bone broth. 

songtsen cafe torontoA vegetarian thali platter is only $8.99, and comes with rice, channa, aloo dal, and a crispy papad for dipping. 

songtsen cafe torontoBeef churue ($8.99) is an interesting soup dish made with beef and a cheese-based broth, served with a side of rice.

songtsen cafe torontoThe dish uses parmesan to add a salty flavour to the meaty broth, and comes with wood ear fungus and potatoes. It's another favourite for me. 

Mango lassis come in takeout cups; there's also fruit-infused water to wash it all down. 

songtsen cafe toronto

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Songtsen Cafe

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