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Toronto's most confusing mayoral candidate is now taking a swing in the 905

Even if you didn't pay all that much attention to Toronto's last municipal election, the face of candidate Gong Xiao Hua is one you won't likely be able to forget given that was pasted on every corner of the city during his excessive marketing campaign.

Though that campaign was ultimately unsuccessful in winning him the title of the city's leader — though one could argue it was very successful in a brand awareness capacity — it seems Gong has picked himself back up and is ready to try again, this time in the City if Mississauga.

Just one day before the deadline, Gong entered to run in the city's upcoming by-election, which takes place June 10.

His campaign manager confirmed the move to the Star yesterday, adding that the businessman with a shady past just "wants to serve Canada" and will be "treating it the same" as his Toronto bid — meaning Mississauga residents may soon be spotting his face all over town.

While Gong's Toronto signs had everyone talking (and meme-ing), much of the chatter was negative — some constituents felt his over-the-top efforts had "the opposite of the intended purpose," with his signs serving as the bulk of election debris (despite him only earning 0.4 per cent of the vote) and even posing a potential driving hazard.

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Jack Landau

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