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Toronto's constantly-broken public garbage bins are getting high-tech new replacements

After years of criticism about its garbage bins, the City of Toronto is finally replacing our often broken, overflowing public waste receptacles with a new model.

The improved cans, created with negative public feedback in mind, are now finally being rolled out, and come with snazzy new features, including wider openings to prevent items from getting lodged, stronger self-closing hinges, and more durable frames and doors.

Also notable is the fact that there are now two different garbage options per unit, which the city says should "reduce the likelihood of overflows and contamination of recyclable materials." In addition, hundreds of the receptacles will have sensors to alert when they are nearing capacity and need to be cleaned.

A total of four of the new devices were launched a few months ago as part of a successful pilot program that prompted the installation of four more this week.

More than 1,000 will eventually be installed in parks and along sidewalks all around the city by the end of the year, with a design that hopefully addresses any and all of the issues residents had with the old ones.

Officials have acknowledged how shoddy Toronto's trash holders have historically been, with citizens finding many of them broken, dirty, defaced, vandalized and/or under-serviced on any given day.

Council adopted a motion to "work to make sure all bins across the city are emptied in a timely manner and kept in a good state of repair, and to compile on a quarterly basis the number of damaged or inoperable bins and the time taken to repair them" in collaboration with Astral Out-of-Home, which manages the infrastructure, in 2022.

Given that it seems Toronto has somehow been unable to get the containers right for more than 25 years and that residents have found a way to complain about any new iteration we've gotten, we aren't holding our breath for this latest version to win everyone over.

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