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Posted 4 days ago

There are now trading cards for Toronto's most infamous anti-heroes

Posted 4 days ago

One of Toronto's favourite comedy clubs has been demolished

Posted 6 days ago

Toronto bridge might soon be adorned with larger-than-life bronze raccoons

Posted 10 days ago

Kim's Convenience star who appeared on The Mandalorian is now an action figure

Posted 13 days ago

Someone in Toronto created a portrait of Donald Trump out of cheap cabinet knobs

Posted 13 days ago

Someone just created a huge labyrinth in a Toronto park

Posted 16 days ago

Out of work chef creates map of Toronto made up of 400 photos

Posted 17 days ago

A water treatment plant in Toronto is transforming into a colourful light-up installation

Posted 24 days ago

Toronto man who rescued raccoon while riding segway inspires fan art

Posted 29 days ago

The Space Project makes it easy for artists to show their work all over Toronto

Posted 30 days ago

Toronto just got a massive outdoor mural with work from almost 100 artists

Posted about a month ago

Toronto swimming pool is being totally transformed by washed up meatballs

Posted about a month ago

Artists are transforming a Toronto neighbourhood with colourful works of art

Posted about a month ago

Someone is driving around Toronto in a giant metal rat

Posted about a month ago

The 10 most famous people from Toronto

Posted about a month ago

Someone with a bag on their head has been giving away free art in Toronto

Posted about a month ago

French bookstore reopens at new location in Toronto after nearly shutting down for good

Posted about a month ago

Toronto's Princess of Wales Theatre reopening with innovative sound installation

Posted about a month ago

An exhibition all about New York's iconic Studio 54 is coming to Toronto

Posted about a month ago

Toronto's derelict malting silos are now being used for outdoor video screenings

Posted 2 months ago

The top 10 tattoo artists in Toronto

Posted 2 months ago

Someone made a 3D printed version of the downtown Toronto skyline

Posted 2 months ago

Canada's Drag Race winner Priyanka is more than just Toronto's most famous queen

Posted 2 months ago

Toronto's outdoor museum for street art is a perfect activity for these pandemic times

Posted 2 months ago

Toronto just got a giant head sculpture that might hurt your brain

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