MOCA Toronto

MOCA Toronto

MOCA is a permanent home for contemporary art right here in Canada’s largest city.

It’s now housed in what used to be an old aluminum factory, five times the size of the previous West Queen West space. MOCA started out as the Art Gallery of North York in 2000.

The first floor is always free and open to the public, though admission to the entire museum is $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors and if you’re under 18, it’s free.

MOCA Toronto

Art Metropole, formerly found on Dundas West, moved into this first floor, selling books and art publications. There’s also a location of Forno Cultura housed in a light-filled glass front area.

The first floor will also always be home to what’s being called an Invitation Project. Andreas Angelidakis’ DEMOS - A Reconstruction is composed of 74 foam modules covered in vinyl the public is free to interactively rearrange, and which can be repurposed to create makeshift performance spaces.

Inaugural exhibit of 16 international artists BELIEVE centres around the powerful, positive verb, meant to reflect the positive impact of the art gallery on the community. 

MOCA Toronto

The first piece encountered exiting elevators up to the second floor is Indigenous artist Carl Beam’s The Columbus Suite, 12 photo-based etchings depicting those who died for their beliefs from Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln to Sitting Bull and religious martyrs.

MOCA Toronto

Scarborough artist Nep Sidhu created Quazarz Pinball Arcade with Security and Leisure Enhancement Console, an entirely redesigned, reprogrammed pinball machine with sounds and music by Shabazz Palaces connected to a responsive opposing machine that calls to mind concepts of surveillance.

MOCA Toronto

Toronto-based Rajni Perera’s Talisman is a captivating double throne created in collaboration with Yorgo Liapis, and immediately evokes an opportunity for discussion of different viewpoints and a bridging of ideas.

MOCA Toronto

Darkened rooms for exhibiting video art are slotted into corners of the gallery, Jeremy Shaw’s Quickeners appropriating footage from a documentary about a Pentecostal Christian sect, two rows of chairs thoughtfully but eerily set up in imitation of a church basement environment.

MOCA Toronto

Originally installed in Montreal, Dineo Seshee Bopape’s And-In. The Light of This._ creates art out of Haitian voodoo symbology and spells.

MOCA Toronto

Having a Barbara Kruger piece as part of BELIEVE solidifies MOCA as a gallery where world-class art can be seen. 

moca torontoHalf the fifth floor is devoted to rotating programming, an Art in Use program of rotating exhibits centring around new commissions, events and workshops. The other half is devoted to a location of Akin collective with over 30 studio spaces available.

moca toronto

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MOCA Toronto

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MOCA Toronto

MOCA Toronto

5 Upcoming Events
About the Event
  • November 14

    What does it mean to imagine a feminist digital voice interface? Through a series of speculative design exercises, we will prototype and discuss what voice technologies might look like if we designed them in line with the central commitments of feminism: participation, agency, embodiment, equity, empowerment, plurality and justice. Participants will learn the basics of designing a conversationa...

  • November 15

    Sophia Oppel is an artist and researcher whose work addresses the insidious positions of embedded power in networked infrastructures. Oppel will lead a tour and discussion of Age of You that focuses primarily on the theme of “Post-Work,” drawing connections to her own research on immaterial labour and outsourced or automated work.

    Sophia Oppel received her BFA from OCAD University and is cur...

  • November 20 - May 3

    "Archiving Eden: Exchange" presents x-ray images of 5,000 seeds — the smallest number required to preserve a single plant species. Housed within a vault-like structure, the installation by artist Dornith Doherty comes to life during seed exchange events, where visitors are invited to remove an image from the vault’s walls and replace it with a transparent envelope containing a single Canadian s...

  • November 28

    “If I had the words to tell you we wouldn’t be here now” uses storytelling, drag and theatrical devices to explore how language not only gives shape to thought, but shapes thought. The performance stages a dialogue with a desiring queer body and a percussionist to illuminate how identity and experience are not only represented but also created and reinforced through language and naming.

    or t...

  • December 5

    From the apps we use on our devices to the surveillance systems on city streets, we live in a datafied world, in which information about us is being collected on a daily basis. In this workshop, we will navigate the impact of datafication to form a better understanding of our “data bodies” and how they are used, stored and shared by governments and corporations.

    The Digital Justice Lab’s (DJ...

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