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10 easy last minute Halloween costume ideas for 2020

Easy last minute Halloween costume ideas for 2020 are spooky season looks you can scramble together at the eleventh hour. Whether you plan on attending a social distanced event, virtual happening or just celebrating from home, here's some ideas for your October 31 outfit. 


The image of Sacha Baron Cohen dressed in nothing but a blue medical face mask is likely seared into your mind already, so no explanation needed. And since you likely have some face masks lying around at home, just take one out and stretch that baby 'round. Very nice. 

Cranberry juice-drinking skateboard guy 

A grey hoodie, some face tattoos, a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice and Fleetwood Mac's Dreams on loop is all you need to recreate the Nathan Apodaca vibe that gave us this year's most feel-good viral video

Hungover McDonald's Order

Fast food employees across Toronto have been doing their best to acquiesce to our lockdown-basted Uber Eats orders, but sometimes that means you're just getting two packets of ketchup or a single slice of cheese. For this, I suggest an all-black look, some scotch tape, and your ingredient of choice.  

Dr. Eileen de Villa's scarf

This year was all about Big Scarf Energy, and nobody did it better than Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, whose scarves have developed a cult following the past few months. Throw on your favourite neck-warmer on October 31 to serve COVID-19 updates at the function and looks.

A silver fox

No, not that kind (unless you want to play up the double entendre). If you'd like to pay hommage to the beautiful and elusive melanistic foxes of Toronto who've been spotted around town, those beautiful black coats and white-tipped tails should be fairly easy to replicate. 

halloween costume ideas 2020

A proud yahoo in their natural habitat (protesting lockdown). Photo by Hector Vasquez.

A reckless yahoo

Of all the hilarious things that Doug Ford has said during the Ontario pandemic press briefings, calling social-distancing protestors "yahoos" might be one of the catchiest. While it's hard to capture the essence of said yahoos without being one (and endangering others), holding a sign that says, "I want a haircut" should suffice.  

Tim Hortons raccoon

The economy is hurtin', and everyone's trying their best to make a living out here, including the raccoon who was captured rifling through a cabinet at a local Tim Hortons. Your best trash panda get-up and a cup of Timmie's coffee is enough for this hustle. 

The social distancing machine

Earlier this year, Toronto cartographer Daniel Rotsztain built a contraption for social distancing, and oh, how glorious it was. A sidewalk-sized version might not be necessary if you're staying inside, though perhaps a hula hoop version will do the trick. 

The cast of Degrassi High

Bring back the era of peak Canadian TV by getting you and the entirety of your household to dress up as Erica, Snake, Wheels, and the gang. All you need is some 80s clothes and a relatively diverse group of socially-distanced compadres to resurrect this show from the dead.

A dining dome

Dining domes are so hot right now. What was last year's most elitest trend has become a COVID-19 apropos outdoor seating option. This look requires nothing but a large plastic garbage bag with a hole for your head, plus a prix-fixe meal hidden inside to hold you down for the rest of the night.

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