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10 ideas for celebrating Halloween at home in Toronto

Celebrating Halloween at home in Toronto this year is recommended over trick or treating, which has led to lots of creative new ways to get festive for the holiday. Dressing up in costumes and eating way too much candy is definitely the fallback, but if that seems a little ho-hum try some of these creeptacular ideas.

Here are ways to celebrate Halloween at home in Toronto this year.

Get some dry ice and create your own spooky atmosphere

Create your own scary smoking cauldron, jack-o'-lantern or pitcher to bring the creepy atmosphere using dry ice available to the public from Dry Ice & Gases. Their website also has helpful frequently asked questions and answers so you can take on making a misty mood safely. 

Get a smash candy box from a local patisserie

Bomou is offering these chocolate skull smash boxes that are as black as a witch's heart for Halloween. Stuffed with candy, they're a bit more interactive than just sitting on the couch and stuffing your face with candy from the big bowl that's supposed to be for trick or treaters. 

Make the Black Lagoon Halloween cocktail series from Dolly Trolley 

Supernova Ballroom had to close due to the pandemic this year, but that didn't stop the low-waste bartending minds behind the space from forging ahead with a cocktail delivery service. For Halloween, they're offering a Black Lagoon line with kits to make cocktails like a Creature Creeper Daiquiri or a Witch's Brew Old Fashioned at home. 

Dress up like Doug Ford and bake his cheesecake

Doug Ford's video of his family cheesecake recipe became something of a viral sensation this year with everyone baking at home, so if you feel like going hyper-local with your costume, throw on a suit and bake up some cheesecake for a themed treat. If you're feeling extra ambitious/bored, you can even try recreating the whole video.

Book the witch's forest virtual escape room

While you may not be able to enjoy an escape room in person for Halloween, you can always book a virtual version of the experience with Daydream's Witch's Forest experience, featuring Hilda the witch as the main character. 

Attend a virtual witch rave

Bass Witch Coven and Crimson Fire Show have come together with others to present an online Samhain with a DJ lineup, fire and LED performances and a Zoom dance floor. Register in advance, and support women-led collectives that provide platforms for marginalized artists.

Attend an online halloween party with spooky stories and a costume contest

ReelHeART International Film Festival is putting on a virtual Halloween party this year with live screenplay readings of campfire-type stories by Canadian actors and an online costume parade. There's a $100 prize for best costume, and a bonus $20.20 prize for the best COVID-themed costume.

Order in death burgers delivered by the grim reaper

Storm Crow Manor is not only making Halloween at home extra fun with costumed delivery drivers, on Oct. 31 the grim reaper himself will be driving around in a hearse on their behalf, delivering "death burgers" stamped with skulls and served on black buns.

Snack on mini monster mousse desserts

The Place has come out with these cute mousse desserts this year that look just like tiny little monsters. If you're more into cutesy than gory, and prefer high-end pastries to mini candy bars, these are the at-home treats for you. 

Order up your own Halloween party and feast to have at home

Oliver & Bonacini have put together a Halloween at home kit this year that includes two pizzas, Caesar salad, a DIY microwave cake, cookies, "graveyard carnival corn," candy, glow sticks and masks. 

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