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Posted 3 days ago

Tickets to Bad Bunny concert in Toronto sold out and it may not even happen

Posted 6 days ago

Scotiabank Arena in Toronto has a lineup of concerts scheduled for later this year

Posted 12 days ago

Toronto rapper criticized for filming music video atop war memorial

Posted 14 days ago

Even virtual concerts are now banned under Ontario lockdown rules

Posted 15 days ago

Toronto record store permanently closing and people in the city are heartbroken

Posted 17 days ago

The time Toronto held a rock concert for 500k people after the SARS epidemic

Posted 28 days ago

Live music came back to Toronto over the weekend and it was glorious

Posted 29 days ago

Toronto drive-in theatre reopening in nightclub parking lot this spring

Posted about a month ago

Closed concert venue in Toronto on the hook for $45k a month in rent

Posted about a month ago

This weekend walking tour of old Yonge Street uncovers its lost music venues

Posted about a month ago

Iconic Toronto music venue transforms into creative space for influencers

Posted about a month ago

Person in Toronto pleads for return of stolen acoustic guitar

Posted about a month ago

The history of the iconic A&A Records in Toronto

Posted about a month ago

The Weeknd is saying no thanks to the Grammys and fans are backing him

Posted about a month ago

One of Toronto's most beloved music venues is raising money to return bigger and better

Posted about a month ago

People can't decide if Justin Bieber died at the end of his new music video for Hold On

Posted about a month ago

Drake just dropped 3 new songs and a video where he raps on the TTC

Posted about a month ago

Toronto is getting a candlelit in-person concert next month

Posted about a month ago

Drake was just seen shooting a new music video in Toronto

Posted about a month ago

People are debating why Justin Bieber changed his Twitter location to The 6

Posted 2 months ago

Shawn Mendes shares photo of himself kissing Camila Cabello's foot and people are confused

Posted 2 months ago

People in Toronto hoping for collab after Drake wishes the Weeknd happy birthday

Posted 2 months ago

The Tragically Hip is suing a Toronto brewery over the name of their beer

Posted 2 months ago

People are mad that Drake dropped a Super Bowl ad before his new album

Posted 2 months ago

Toronto Mayor John Tory just proclaimed a special day for The Weeknd

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