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Posted 4 days ago

Toronto venue is going to try to put on live music shows during Stage 3

Posted 5 days ago

Toronto concert venues don't think Stage 3 will help the live music scene

Posted 7 days ago

Jazz bar closes after 25 years in Toronto

Posted 8 days ago

The Weeknd just announced a live concert but you need to be on TikTok to watch it

Posted 10 days ago

Drake finally beats Madonna for the most Top 10 Billboard hits in history

Posted 15 days ago

DVSN fans scramble for tickets to concert at Toronto drive-in

Posted 15 days ago

The Weeknd debuts new video that features some iconic Toronto scenes

Posted 16 days ago

Toronto musician Langston Francis dropped by label over sexual assault allegations

Posted 18 days ago

Drake just gave scented candles to all of the Toronto Raptors

Posted 21 days ago

Someone made a music video while riding a bike around Toronto

Posted 21 days ago

Historic live music venue is closing after 25 years in Toronto

Posted 21 days ago

This is what people in Toronto think of Drake's new songs

Posted 23 days ago

Tory Lanez embroiled in controversy after Megan Thee Stallion shot

Posted 28 days ago

Someone just put a sofa in the middle of a downtown Toronto street

Posted 29 days ago

A saxophone player serenaded a group of seniors in Toronto and it was so sweet

Posted about a month ago

Win a car pass to Together at the Drive-In

Posted about a month ago

Toronto's massive new drive-in theatre announces summer concerts and events

Posted about a month ago

One of the most unique stores in Toronto is closing down

Posted about a month ago

Drake shows off his opulent Toronto mansion again and makes an epic cornhole shot

Posted about a month ago

One of Toronto's most popular music stores has shut down permanently

Posted about a month ago

Toronto stores still selling Fulltone guitar pedals after controversy erupts over post seen as racist

Posted 2 months ago

This is how the world reacted to the killing of Toronto rapper Houdini

Posted 2 months ago

Rapper Houdini dead after targeted shooting in downtown Toronto

Posted 2 months ago

Drake shows off new pool at his Toronto mansion and it's the size of a lake

Posted 2 months ago

Toronto nightclubs are hosting Canada's largest digital dance party

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