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Here's how to make friends and meet new people in Toronto

How to make friends and meet new people in Toronto can be a challenge. Regardless of if you're new to the city and looking for a friend group, or looking to expand your social circle, it can often feel overwhelming trying to look for people who you think you’d click with.

Here are some ways to make friends and meet new people in Toronto.

Join an intramural sports league

If you love staying active, or were the star of your high school sports team, there are several adult sports leagues you’re able to sign up for that will put you out there. Whether you’re into beach volleyball, ball hockey, ultimate frisbee or just looking to see what sports are out there, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Volunteer at a local organization

Meeting new people can also mean enriching your local community. Regardless of how you want to give back, either in a more conventional scenario or something maybe a little more unusual, getting out there and giving back can help you feel good and make great friends.

Join a book club

Avid readers, take note, there are plenty of ways you can keep your head in a good book while meeting new people. The Toronto Public Library organizes various book clubs depending on genre or interest you’re able to take part in.

Join a choir

Love to sing your heart out, but the only microphone you’ve held is your shower head? A choir might be your time to shine. There are plenty of choirs run around the city including New Choir, Common Thread Chorus and Forte Chorus. Choir!Choir!Choir! is probably the most famous, with regular gigs and a massive roster open to everyone.

Audition for community theatre

Whether you want to star in a show or run the lighting board, a community theatre is a great place for people to come together and perform for their local communities. The Alumnae Theatre Company and NAGs Players hold auditions regularly.

Head to the dog park

Furry friends are a great way to meet less furry friends. Don’t go out and get a dog just to meet people, but if you already have one, there are great dog parks in Toronto where you can go and chat up other dog owners.

Get creative at a pottery studio

Sometimes, when you want to meet new people, you have to get your hands a little dirty. Joining a pottery studio will not only help you meet your fellow ceramicists but also help you make some handmade ceramics that make for fun gifts.The Potter’s Studio, Create Art Studio and The Clay Room are just some of your options.

Sign up for glass blowing classes

If ceramics aren’t your thing, and you’re looking for something a little more unique, glass blowing classes may be for you. Playing With Fire, Turnstyle Glassblowing Studio and Toronto Flameworking all offer workshops to help you break into this hot art form.

Take an improv class

It can be hard to meet new people if you aren’t able to think quickly on your feet. Improv classes are a great way to break out of your shell, gain confidence and meet some funny people. The Second City is one of the city's principal places for improvisers, but there are other, smaller improv theatres The Social Capital offer classes as well.

Try your hand at performing at an open mics

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or stand up comedian, going to open mics is a great way to meet people with the same aspirations. There are plenty of mics across the city everyday of the week, so keep an eye out at local venues or online.

Go back to school

You don’t have to do a full master’s degree to meet people. There are plenty of continuing education schools provided by Toronto’s premiere post-secondary institutions like the University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University and Humber College.

Sign up for a cooking class

Everyone can learn a little more about cooking, whether you’re an established pro or can barely boil water. Taking a cooking class can help you refine your skills, and it doesn’t hurt to make friends who can also cook.

Join online meet up groups

There are plenty of places online that can help you meet new people in Toronto. There are groups on traditional social media sites like Facebook and Reddit to help you connect, or dedicated sites like Meetup. The popular dating app Bumble has also spun off and made a friend app.

Join a fitness club

Break the ice by breaking a sweat in a fitness class. Whether you’re into spin classes, fitness boot camps, general athletics or looking to swing on a jungle gym, Toronto is filled with a ton of unique fitness experiences that are suited to what you want to do.

Join a rock climbing gym

If your social life is going to be reaching new heights, you might as well learn how to get there yourself. Rock climbing is a fun activity that’ll keep you fit and get you out there meeting people who also like to climb. Gyms like Basecamp, Rock Oasis and Boulderz are all popular spots for rock climbers.

Join a running club

Getting in with a running group will not only help keep you accountable to those early morning runs, but can also help build your friend group with other runners. Toronto Running Club is a great start, but looking into local communities there’s also Front Runner Toronto and Blacktoe Running Club among others.

Join a riding club

Toronto is becoming more bike-friendly as time goes on, and there are plenty of ways to join the already vibrant cycling community. Toronto Bicycle Club and Toronto Bicycle Network can help you connect with other cyclists around the city.

Join a yoga studio

There are plenty of benefits to starting yoga, like reducing stress and getting flexible, but joining a yoga studio will also help you meet other people who practice yoga as well.

Take a dance class

Sometimes, words aren’t enough, and you have to move your body. The Underground Dance Centre and City Dance Corps offer classes and workshops in all styles of dance for people who want to meet the Jennifer Grey to their Patrick Swayze.

Check out a local a games night

If you're into something a little nerdier, local card and game shops hold tournaments and events around some of your favourite card games. A & C Games and 401 Games have regular calendar events, and Toronto DnD holds Dungeons and Drags specific events and chats for people looking to play in Toronto.

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