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Posted 5 hours ago

You could get in on a $12M class action Apple lawsuit if you're Canadian

Posted a day ago

People are livid at a Canadian phone provider again but it's not for an outage this time

Posted 10 days ago

American Congresswoman jokes Air Canada's new electric planes are powered by cyclists

Posted 16 days ago

Store that sells and services Macs and Apple products shuts down in Toronto

Posted 21 days ago

Rogers now has bouncers checking customer IDs outside its Toronto stores

Posted 30 days ago

Here are some tech companies in Toronto that are hiring for tons of jobs right now

Posted about a month ago

Toronto is getting a huge tech festival that also has concerts and a block party

Posted about a month ago

Spectacular Ontario 'bird doughnut' pops up on U.S. weather radar

Posted about a month ago

Rogers is spending $20 billion on upgrades but people are still furious

Posted about a month ago

Toronto condos are starting to build EV chargers into parking spots but they're expensive AF

Posted about a month ago

A new Toronto scam is sending text messages to your phone about speeding fines

Posted about a month ago

Experts are saying that Toronto's once-thriving tech sector is now in a downturn

Posted 2 months ago

A huge Canadian tech company just cut thousands of jobs in Toronto

Posted 2 months ago

Rogers says it will be investing $10 billion to prevent future outages

Posted 2 months ago

Another Rogers outage caused issues for some customers this weekend

Posted 2 months ago

McDonald's Canada is facing backlash for app draining massive amounts of data

Posted 2 months ago

People in Toronto can get cash from class-action lawsuit against major manufacturers

Posted 2 months ago

Toronto just jumped to the third-best spot for tech workers in all of North America

Posted 2 months ago

Yet another tech company just opened a huge office in Toronto and it's hiring for tons of roles

Posted 2 months ago

Internet providers in Toronto beyond Rogers and Bell

Posted 2 months ago

Rogers customers in Toronto could get $400 rebate thanks to class action suit over outage

Posted 2 months ago

This is what the government is doing to make sure there's never another Rogers outage

Posted 2 months ago

Losses from the Rogers outage are proving to be way more than just a day with no service

Posted 2 months ago

Rogers is now offering a rebate for huge internet outage but also warns of scams

Posted 2 months ago

There's a new global tech HQ in Toronto and they're hiring for a bunch of positions

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