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The top 20 Chinese food delivery in Toronto by neighbourhood

There's no shortage of Chinese food delivery in Toronto. Whether your prefer more authentic offerings or classic Canadian-Chinese cuisine, there's something to satisfy every craving, delivered right to your doorstep.

Here are my picks for the top Chinese food delivery in Toronto by neighbourhood.

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Also affectionately known as "The Goof" by locals, Garden Gate has been around for ages, and in the words of its owner, serves up "everything". So if you're hankering for sweet and sour chicken with a side of eggs and bacon, give them a call. $20 minimum charge for free delivery.

Westwood Grill has been a longtime favourite for many in the area. The best part is that you can order directly on their website, making it convenient to get that delicious orange chicken to your door ASAP. Small delivery charges apply depending on where you're located.

Old-school favourites like chicken soo guy and General Tao Chicken reign supreme at China Gourmet. A bit greasy but delicious, just like the Chinese takeout/delivery joints of old. Minimum order of $20 gets you free delivery.

Taste of China

A perennial crowd favourite, Taste of China never fails to satisfy. Seafood chow mein? Crispy squid? For orders above $30, you get all this delivered for free.

It may not be fancy but Peking Express is fantastic if you're craving some Canadian-Chinese goodies. From shrimp fried rice to crispy chicken balls, this place has it all. Conveniently, you can get your delivery order through Just-eat.ca.

When in the mood for Chinese in Greektown, Taste of the Silk Road is sure to satisfy. Amusingly appropriate for the neighbourhood, the fried squid/calamari here is delicious, to the point that they claim to have the best calamari on the Danforth(!). Small delivery charge based on your location.

Su Good is so good for many locals in the know. This hole-in-the-wall place seems to have been around for ages, and offers interesting Chinese dishes ranging from the usual Canadianized favourites to the delicious Guyanese Chili Chicken (alongside many other Guyanese Chinese dishes). A $20 minimum order will get their awesome dishes to you for free.

Congee Queen

Who doesn't know Congee Queen? Their turnip cakes and Cantonese fried noodle, along with their selection of congee, has pretty much become household staples for many a suburban household. Minimum order of $25 gets you free delivery.

Simon's Wok spot is the go-to place for delicious Chinese vegetarian dishes. Awesome non-meat versions of your favourite Chinese dishes abound, such as the flavourful fried noodle with vegetables or the special stuffed bean curd. Free delivery for orders over $30.

Boy, does the name of this place not sound like a mish-mash of generic Chinese restaurant names? Regardless, the food at Spring China House is very good if not spectacular. Long-time favourites like the General Tao chicken are very popular here. Delivery is free if you order over $20.

Much like its historical namesake, the Mayflower restaurant is so well-known it's pretty much legendary (in Etobicoke, at least). Old-school favourites like chicken balls and egg rolls rule the roost here, so make sure you include them when you call for delivery.

With a name straight out of a schlocky kung fu movie, who can resist getting some powerful (har har) dishes delivered from the Lotus Inn? The menu offerings are a bit unspectacular but still decent, like their shrimp fried rice. Orders above $20 are free through just-eat.ca.

If you're craving a General Tao Chicken with a sweet kick, then Bamboo Buddha's got you covered. And the old-fashioned almond chicken soo guy here is a good choice to order, especially when delivery is free for a minimum order of just $20.

asian legend

Markham's spoiled for choice in terms of Chinese restaurants, and the delivery game at Asian Legend proves this. Soup-filled dumplings? Kung Pao Chicken? A whole damn Peking Duck? Yep, all to your door thanks to the restaurant's convenient delivery through orderit.ca.

Get Szechuan Gourmet's delicious (though oily) ginger chicken to your doorstep with free delivery if you've got a minimum order of $30. Don't forget the delicious Hakka fried noodles and flavourful garlic eggplant.

Calling itself "truely (sic) the best restaurant in Toronto" is pretty bold, so it's a good thing Rice and Noodle indeed delivers, both figuratively and literally. The Shanghai noodles are a crowd favourite here. Delivery charges start at around $5.

Located close to Fairview Mall (and therefore Don Mills subway station), Congee Phoenix straddles the North York/Scarborough boundary and serves up congee and other classic Cantonese specialties. Don't forget the fried pork chop! Minimum order is $25 for free delivery

For awesome Chinese food around the Dundas Square area, you can't go wrong with local favourite Hong Shing. On top of their delicious food, they do delivery up until 1 am, all for a $4 charge. Make sure to have the good ol' General Tao chicken on your list -- it won't disappoint.

Can there be a more uniquely named Chinese restaurant? The young and eligible (get it?) can get their delicious C'est Bon spicy chicken or sweet-savoury orange chicken for a delivery charge of $2 on minimum orders of $25.

You'd think that the popular Chinese delivery in this area would be a bit posh, and you'd be right. Dynasty Chinese serves up probably the most "refined" Chinese dishes for your takeout/delivery night in. Try their dimsum selection or the spare ribs, Delivery charges start at around $5.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions in the comments.

Posted by Darren "DKLo" Susilo. When not writing for BlogTO he can usually be found tweeting here or pressing words into this blog. Asian Legend photo by Kaeko in the blogTO Flickr pool. Top photo of Hong Shing by Jesse Milns.

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