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Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles

Mogouyan is where to get hand-pulled Chinese noodles in all shapes, sizes, and sauces. 

Just a few seconds' walk from Bloor station, this convenient noodlery is the spot for bowls of Lanzhou-style noods made from scratch, and I recommend you come here hungry. 

mogouyan torontoThis is the only international location of the popular chain, which originated more than 40 years ago and purportedly takes its name after a region in Lanzhou, but is only just starting to expand abroad. 

mogouyan torontoAs per most restaurants serving hand-pulled noodles, you'll find cooks on display as they knead out and twist up these wheat strings which you can get in a handful of sizes: angel hair, classic, thin-round, thin-flat, or flat. 

mogouyan torontoIt should be noted that the portions here are absolutely massive, hence the upmarket price that averages around $14 per bowl. mogouyan torontoEverything here is also pork-free (although not technically halal), since Lanzhou is a largely Muslim region of China. 

mogouyan torontoBefore digging into the noodles, maybe try some classic cuts of beef ($7.99) that's seasoned with soy sauce. 

mogouyan torontoThere' also jellyfish ($5.99) with a light sweet and sour sauce, or some delicious spiced eggs ($1.99 each).

mogouyan torontoThe signature dish here is definitely the classic beef noodle soup ($12.99 for a regular), which uses a super flavourful broth made from beef and chicken, or the braised beef noodle ($14.99 for one size), with chilli oil. 

mogouyan torontoThe Dan Dan Noodles ($13.99) is a hulking bowl of this slightly spicy classic. It's done somewhere between Taiwanese and Sichuan, meaning you'll still get some of that sweetness with the heat. mogouyan torontoThe Dan Dan is served with a side bowl of some of that signature broth.

mogouyan torontoThe dry Mogouyan Signature Stir-Fried Noodles can be had with veggies, beef, chicken or shrimp ($13.99-$16.99), and has a great tomato-based sauce. 

mogouyan torontoEven the drinks here are huge: you'll basically get a big jug of drink with your order of mango green tea ($5.99). 

mogouyan toronto

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Mogouyan Hand-Pulled Noodles

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