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Bauzza Bauzza

Bauzza Bauzza is a Northern Chinese restaurant specializing in hulking Chinese buns, dumplings, and bowls of delicious noodle soups.

Kneaded, rolled, and stuffed in-house, these buns are definitely some of the largest and most delicious in the area, and if you're looking for homey eats, this little restaurant is a low-key paradise.

bauzza bauzza torontoHeading the kitchen is Chef Gen Lin, who has been making his specialty buns at his other restaurant Baozi Lin since 2007.

bauzza bauzza torontoHe and his team steam baskets upon baskets of traditional Chinese baos, which, according to a sign in the restaurant (in Chinese) are made from ingredients sourced from Costco­, which is an interesting and welcome admission.

bauzza bauzza torontoThere are a dozen options to choose from, with the option to get your buns pan-fried too.

An order of five pieces will definitely hold you down for a few hours. Veggies, meat, and less commonly-found stuffing like butternut squash with egg are all on the menu.

Even simple orders like pan-fried beef buns ($8.49 for five pieces) filled with onions and green onions are delicious, with thick crispy bottoms.

bauzza bauzza torontoYou don't often see steamed curry chicken Chinese buns: here they're filled with onion, potato, and carrots ($6.99 for five pieces).

bauzza bauzza torontoSteamed vegetarian buns are super tasty, stuffed with cabbage, egg, and sweet potato vermicelli ($6.99 for five pieces).

The staff recommend you order some sort of noodle or soup to accompany your buns, for more flavour, though I think the buns are tasty enough to order on their own.

But the Chinese beef noodle soup ($5.99) is definitely worth it. It's a sizeable portion, and the super salty beef broth is delicious, served with egg and seasoned veggies.

bauzza bauzza torontoIt comes with sweet potato vermicelli and long, stringy bean curds. Order it spicy or not, with green onions and Chinese parsley.

bauzza bauzza torontoThere's two wonton soups offered here: you can get it with lamb dumplings ($7.99) or pork and shrimp ($6.99). You can get them swimming in either chicken broth or sweet and sour soup.

Small bowls of sweet porridge comes in traditional but uncommon flavours like green bean ($1.99) and eight grains ($2.99). 

bauzza bauzza torontoBauzza Bauzza's buns are nothing short of fast, filling, and flavourful. The fact these baos are so affordable make them extra satisfying. 

bauzza bauzza toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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