drake at raptors game

Drake goes full daddy mode with son Adonis at Raptors game and it's legit pretty hot

Drake wears many hats in his day-to-day life; Singer, rapper, producer, entrepreneur, NBA ambassador, fashion maven, gaming enthusiast, philanthropist, lover boy... but no title seems as important to the Toronto recording artist as "Dad."

This much has become glaringly apparent over the past four years or so, ever since Drizzy publicly confirmed that he was a father and started showing off photos of his adorable cherubic son, Adonis.

Now five years old, little Adonis is a regular fixture on Drake's Instagram feed, where his proud (champagne) papa shows off the kid's many talents and stylish looks.

The father-son duo were spotted courtside at Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday night, as they often are, watching the Toronto Raptors beat the Los Angeles Lakes 126—113.

One particular moment from the game, in which Drake was seen flexing his parenting skills, is blowing up around the web today for reasons that will become obvious once you see the clip.

The video starts with a shot of Drake and little Adonis, whose mother is French artist Sophie Brussaux, watching the game in matching Air Force 1s.

Adonis, clad in a trendy black puffer coat, unmistakable with his signature golden curls, can be seen holding a bag of Skittles and chewing on what is presumably a Skittle.

A woman with a name tag on starts to essentially shower the kid with candy from behind, giving Drake one bag of Sour Patch Kids and attempting to give two more bags directly to Adonis before the 36-year-old Canadian superstar intervenes.

Adonis reaches for the candy in Drake's hand, at which point the rapper takes away the Skittles and holds up one finger, telling the little boy that he can choose one candy to eat — not all of the candy.

Adi eventually choose the Sour Patch Kids, which Drake opens for him as the woman behind them continues to try and force bags of candy upon the five-year-old.

Drizzy eventually shoos the woman away, saving Adonis from any potential tummy aches or cavities... which couldn't have been easy, given how cute the kid is.

I mean, he looks like a literal angel. I'd give him my entire purse if he wanted it. That's the power of cute — a power that only a parent with great care for their child's well-being can wield.

I (and thousands of people swooning on Twitter today) must say: It's a really good look on Drake. 

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