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Drake spotted gambling with his entourage at the new Pickering casino

Toronto's most notorious high roller, and also a homegrown hip-hop mogul if we're throwing around titles, was spotted throwing down chips at the newest Toronto-area casino over the weekend.

Drake and his entourage made an appearance at the new Pickering Casino Resort just east of Toronto on Saturday night. TikTok user ikeaowner posted footage of the multi-platinum recording artist with the caption, "Caught Drake at the pickering casino.. seemed pretty chill with a comfortable fit on."

The #2 RIAA-ranked top-selling digital single artist of all time was recorded seated at a blackjack table in the new casino (opened in 2021) with plenty of security on hand.

Unfortunately for one Twitter random's mother, it was the one night that she wasn't at the casino to report on Drake's gambling activities.

According to a Twitter report, the 36-year-old gambling aficionado spent quite some time in the casino, which boasts "2399 slot machines, 94 live table games, 143 live dealer stadium gaming terminals."

Drake has brought Pickering to world attention in the past, demanding the city upgrade its WiFi and ultimately getting his way.

But more notable are the headlines about Drake's gambling habits — which I will preface by saying that the guy can afford to spend whatever the heck he wants on whatever he considers entertainment (short of rich person Squid Game kind of stuff).

Drake shocked his financial planners earlier in 2022 when he dropped a staggering $1.6 million on Super Bowl bets. A few weeks later, he casually lost $400K as if it wasn't more than some people make in a decade.

But that's just how Drake spends his money.

There are no reports of how much the rapper won or lost this weekend, but even his arrival at the casino was a costly endeavour.

Generating buzz among car lovers is a sighting of Drake's 2022 Mercedes-Benz S580 Maybach with its two-tone paint job, priced at $270,000 before taxes.

That means the 6ixGod rolls to the casino in a ride that costs five times the average annual salary in Ontario of roughly $54K.

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