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Drake asks Mayor of Pickering for better WiFi

Of all the many, many reasons it’s great to be Drake — personal jumbo jet, home basketball court and six-figure outfits aside — one of the best has got to be “never having to call customer service.”

Drizzy needs not ask for anything by phone. In fact, he needs not speak to anyone below the rank of mayor for anything.

Remember when he casually suggested that Toronto Mayor John Tory turn the CN tower gold in hour of his Grammy win — and then Tory actually did it?

The 6ix God just pulled a similar move with the mayor of nearby Pickering, Ontario, while working on his new album.

"Can the mayor of Pickering set up some stronger wifi towers so @boi1da can be able to send me all his newest beats?” wrote Drake in an Instagram story on Tuesday. “Trying to cook up. Thanks.”

Pickering Mayor David Ryan has yet to directly respond to the post, but the City of Pickering did post a lengthy (and some might say "corny-as-heck") reply to its official Instagram account.

“Hey @champagnepapi /Drake/Drizzy/6ixGod, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late - I’m responding on behalf of @mayordaveryan and @cityofpickering,” reads the post, which includes a screenshot of Drake’s IG story.

“I’m Upset that @boi1da was having trouble with our public WiFi. It’s the Best I Ever Had, so I’m not sure why Matt couldn’t link up proper,” the post continued, using the Grammy-winning producer and Drake collaborator’s real first name.

“We Started from the Bottom, and Now We Here with 65 WiFi access points installed across Pickering in City facilities and some prime public areas,” reads another portion of the lengthy blurb.

“We look to deploy more WiFi access points, so in a couple of years, you’ll be able to go 0 to 100 Real Quick.”

The groanworthy spiel goes on from there, with lines thrown in to promote several City of Pickering initiatives.

Whoever’s mom wrote the post did note that former Toronto city councillor and self-proclaimed “6ix Dad” Norm Kelly had personally reached out to Mayor Ryan personally in an effort to fix Boi1da’s Wifi. 

Sadly for those in Durham region, this is a problem that not even Drake can solve.

“The issue isn’t public WIFI, the issue is the fact that all North of Durham, not only Pickering has no good services for internet connection at all... this is a problem within the area that has been going 10 + years with no resolve,” wrote Boi1da in the comments of Pickering’s cutesy reply to Drake.

"I’m serious about my business, my music and my money, and what we have been given is not sufficient @bellmediapr @rogers."

As the City of Pickering might say: "He needs to give his telecom provider a Hotline Bling!”

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