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Drake shares unbelievable video of his 4-year-old son Adonis sinking a bucket

Drake might just be succeeding in his quest to raise a basketball prodigy, as evidenced by new footage of his 4-year-old son Adonis sinking perfect baskets on an NBA regulation-sized hoop.

The clip in question, posted by the 35-year-old Toronto rapper as an Instagram Story on Wednesday, shows little Adi bouncing a standard basketball on the famous court inside his father's mansion (aka 'The Embassy.')

"One, two, three, four, five," chants Adonis and several others who are out of frame. Once he hits ten, someone (presumably Drake) shouts "hard as you can!"

The kindergartener then whips the ball with all his might toward the hoop.

It goes in without touching the rim or even the backboard, prompting a round of uproarious applause from all gathered to witness, including the equally tiny and cute young son of Drake's good friend Chubbs. 

We've long known that Drizzy, a die-hard sports buff, has been encouraging little Adonis to play basketball, but few could have predicted the kid's aptitude for the sport at such a young age.

Unless, that is, one might consider it an advantage to have a full basketball court in your house, regular access to the NBA's biggest stars, and a father who could probably afford to buy you bionic calf implants if he wanted to (or at the very least, private lessons and top-of-the-line athletic gear.)

It's hard to say if Adonis sunk this beautiful shot on his first try... people often wonder, after all, how many takes Drake himself had to perform before getting footage of the insanely skilled shots he's shared online in the past.

Really though, who cares? Adonis and Chubbs Jr. are adorable with their matching hairstyles and celebratory hug, and the clip is bringing joy to millions online.

Whether or not he grows up to be an athlete, there's already plenty of love for Drake's son among fans. He's not just cute, after all, he's hilarious

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