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Drake exclaims 'Geez Louise' while playing basketball at his Toronto mansion

Drake the type of guy to threaten legal action against Degrassi because he thought his character's wheelchair made him "look soft" and then also, many, many years later, say "Geez Louise!" after being fouled during a friendly game of pickup at his opulent mansion.

Oh, Drake!

The Toronto-based superstar remains everyone's favourite rapper to playfully dunk on (literally as well as figuratively, it seems) as the ancient "Drake the Type" meme continues to re-emerge and gain steam online among a new generation of internet users.

But don't get it twisted; Drizzy isn't the butt of any jokes about his own corniness, because he owns and often even perpetuates the "soft" image his fans have long swooned over.

In other words, he's in on the joke, as clearly evidenced by new video footage from Toronto basketball YouTuber and viral sensation K Showtime.

The clip in question comes from a more-than-20-minute-long YouTube video uploaded by K Showtime on Monday.

In it, the young streetball star visits Drake's massive house in the Bridle Path for a game of 2 on 2 with the Grammy-winning artist.

Drake, who famously has a regulation-size, OVO-branded basketball court in his Toronto home, where he regularly tosses the ball around with NBA superstars, once again showed off his prowess, sinking plenty of three-pointers and ultimately winning the matchup 10-12.

Wearing a black Toronto Raptors jersey bearing the number 6 and "THE BOY" across the back, Drake jokes around on the court quite a bit, as he is known to do (the guy is legitimately hilarious, don't at me.)

At one point in a teaser video on Twitter, the artist can be seen saying, "Geez Louise, man!" after getting his arm tapped by an opposing player.

As he walks away from the camera, he jokes, "Drake's the kind of guy who would say Geez Louise" before getting straight back to business, prompting an outpouring of laughter from everyone present.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Twitter users are having a field day over the star's acknowledgement of the meme and of his using such a wholesome fake curse word in general. But the true gold lies in all of the "Drake the type to say geez louise" tweets posted well ahead of the video's release.

"Drake the type of fella to watch the UFC and say 'geez louise' everytime someone gets hit," reads one. "Drake the type of guy to say 'geez louise' when he sees something profound," says another.

The rapper himself obviously agrees.

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K Showtime

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