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Internet abuzz after Drake wears ridiculous teddy bear coat to Toronto Raptors game

Drake knows how to make an impression from his trademark courtside position at Toronto Raptors home games, but the hip-hop megastar took things to a weirder place than ever before with his attire at Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday night.

Rocking a fur coat/hoodie with a pair of teddy bears inexplicably stitched into the mix, Drake was a courtside sideshow during the Raptors' Wednesday evening home game hosting the controversy-stricken Brooklyn Nets.

Don't ask me why, that's not my job.

Fans are divided on the new outfit — from designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac — with at least one comparing it to the bear hoodie from the 2010s stoner sitcom Workaholics.

But whatever your opinion on the 6ixgod's latest style, the outfit certainly has people talking the next day.

All eyes were on Drake as he took in the Raptors game in his bizarre outerwear, but the recording artist and occasional fashion icon didn't hog the spotlight, passing off his eye-catching attire to broadcaster Jack Armstrong in a hilarious exchange that has social media buzzing.

"I'm not gonna lie, it's cha- you're changing," says Drake, telling the 59-year-old broadcaster, "You're- you're evolving."

Yes, he is. Like an adorable old man basketball Pokemon.

"It's a meme, like listens to 'her loss' once," jokes Drizzy, adding a playful, "Jackie boy in the teddy fur."

Unwilling to be outshined by the team's unofficial mascot, the Raptors' actual mascot stepped in with a fur coat of its own featuring cute Raps plushies in place of teddy bears.

Fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac took to Instagram on Thursday morning, thanking Drake for bringing his curious design to wider attention, and also sharing a photo of Drizzy wearing a coat made up entirely of black teddy bears.

The most surprising takeaway from this acknowledgement is that multiple teddy bear coats exist.

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