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Drake shows off his $1 million outfit on YouTube

Whether or not Drake started "at the bottom" will forever be a subject of debate among fans, but there's absolutely no denying how far the Canadian rapper has come since his days as a kid on Weston Road.

From wearing a Shopper's Drug Mart uniform to rocking a watch worth roughly as much as the average Toronto house, he's here—as in he's very, very rich now.

Champagne Papi and his OVO crew took some time out from trotting the globe this week to speak with the uber-hip, lime-haired British YouTuber known as Kofi (aka icykof aka The Unknown Vlogs) for his popular video series "How Much is Your Outfit?"

Kofi, who documents hypebeast style and culture around the world, met up with Drake backstage at the 02 concert venue in London to get a full rundown of how much everything on the 32-year-old superstar's body cost at the time.

(Spoiler: it's a lot.)

First, however, we get to see what his charming friends are working with (and I mean that sincerely—Drake's friends/colleagues are warm and entertaining).

Their outfit totals range in price from $5,000 to $123,000 with brands such as Rolex, Gucci, Cartier, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Prada, Audemars Piguet and of course OVO well represented.

Some of the OVO crew members make references to "priceless" custom jewellery and watches gifted to them by "the boss."

Drake starts his portion of the segment by prefacing that he's about to go out so he's dressed "proper" in a custom Brioni jacket worth $11,000.

"Turtleneck Tom Ford... two racks, trousers Tom Ford, a rack, crocodile Tom Ford shoes, 15 [thousand]..." says the recording artist before showing off his $200,000 chain and $750,000 Richard Mille RM69 watch.

"And then the two bracelets, one from my son and one that a fan gave me," he smiles. "That's priceless man, you already know."

The grand total? $979,000.

"Might be the first million dollar outfit on Kofi's channel," jokes Drake, who, like most contemporary rappers, seems happy for a chance to show off his conspicuous displays of wealth.

"We'll be back for part two, too!" the artist says after signing off with Kofi. "Next album... mad ting."

Hopefully he'll be doing the next video from his new Bridle Path mansion in Toronto... whenever it's finally finished.

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The Unknown Vlogs

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