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Drake spotted on private date with Amari Bailey's mom at Dodger Stadium

Want to score a date with one of those most successful entertainers on earth?

Learn what they're passionate about — like, really, really passionate about — and then have a baby. Train that baby to be preternaturally good at what your celebrity crush is obsessed with, et voila: A private dinner with Drake on the third base line within an otherwise empty Dodger Stadium.

To be clear, I'm joking. The woman spotted dining with Drake on Thursday night in Los Angeles did not have a child for the purpose of attracting Drake — her kid just happens to be the UCLA-committed high school basketball star Amari Bailey.

She's also mad hot in her own right, and exactly Drizzy's physical type.

At the time of 17-year-old Bailey's birth, Drake was still Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi.

His mom Johanna Leia, now 40, would have been 23 at the time and, as a beautiful American woman, was unlikely to have noticed a dorky teen Canadian soap opera star.

More realistically (and, like all romantic gossip involving Mr. Graham, this is pure speculation) Drake saw the young basketball star's mom at a recent Sierra Canyon game, thought she was hot, struck up a convo and fell in like.

We know for a fact that Bailey plays basketball with the son of Drake's close friend, LeBron James. We also know that Drake and Michael B. Jordan attended one of his highschool varsity basketball team's games last month (apparently to show support for young Bronny James.)

Drake sat beside Leia as he cheered on her son and James' son in their last game of the season, turning heads and sparking whispers.

Those whispers have now turned to screams on Twitter as Drake stans freak out over new aerial images of the Toronto-born rapper on a "private" date with Bailey's mom at Dodger Stadium.

The media frenzy began late last night when KABC-TV reporter Chris Cristi shared two images of the couple, both snapped from a news helicopter that happened to be flying over Dodger Stadium.

"DRAKE ON A DATE?" tweeted Cristi. "Randomly just flew over this cozy couple enjoying a private dinner along the third base line at an empty Dodger Stadium from #Air7HD."

Some people complained that the photos are creepy and invasive (hey, they're not wrong) while others swear the whole thing was staged.

More importantly, they jumped to the task of finding out who Drake was dining with.

"Ain't that Amari bailey's mom? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL," tweeted one fan, to which another replied "YES IT IS SNAJSJJSJSJS i hate him sm."

Jokes about Drake and his elaborate courtship abound on Twitter as we head into the weekend — so many that "Drake" has been trending in Canada all day long.

Some people are already anticipating the Drake lyrics this situation will spawn.

Some are mad that they don't have new lyrics to listen to yet, as they impatiently await the artist's long-delayed forthcoming album Certified Lover Boy.

Twitter is really loving the idea of Drake being a "MILF hunter" and congratulating him on his game.

Though others do wonder if maybe Drake's using Leia to get closer to Bailey. The young athlete undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him and Drake does seem to want a son in the NBA...

Whether what the news chopper captured was a publicity stunt, a friendly dinner between a star and the parent of his young mentor, or a true romantic encounter remains unknown to the public.

Whatever the case, you've got to hand it to the man — he really is living up to that "Certified Lover Boy" moniker.

Lead photo by

Chris Cristi

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