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Drake admits to being drunk during his iconic Raptors victory speech

Are your memories from the historical evening of June 13, 2019, a little bit fuzzy? You're not alone.

Toronto, if not all of Canada, went absolutely bonkers when the Raptors won their first-ever NBA Championship this summer, taking to the streets for a late-night, outdoor megaparty. Much alcohol was consumed.

Raptors brand ambassador and international rap star Drake was over the moon to see the team he's long supported win at last.

Evidence of this can be seen in an impromptu, post-NBA Finals Game 6 victory speech by the Grammy-winning artist (who, for the record, is not actually a professional basketball player.)

"This is poetic, this is poetic, you just gotta watch this happen," said Drizzy to reporters as they mobbed around him outside Toronto's Scotiabank Arena following the game.

"The 6ix in six, Kyle Lowry with the ring... Kawhi Leonard bringing a chip to the city..."

Then, the artist proclaimed something that made headlines around the world: "I want my chips with the dip, that all I know! I don't want my chips plain, I want my chips with the dip! So bring them dips!"

"Chip," as it turns out, is a slang term for "Championship." What Drake meant by dip remains open to interpretation.

The artist himself doesn't even know how he came up with that now-iconic phrase, according to a lengthy, in-depth interview released by Rap Radar on Christmas Day.

"I feel like you won an NBA championship as much as anybody," said Rap Radar CEO and founder Elliott Wilson during his more than two-hour-long sit down with Drake. "Personally, what was that experience like for you?"

"I'm gunna be honest with you guys: I was drunk," replied to Drake to Wilson and journalist Brian Miller after the former interviewer called out his "chips with the dip" line.

"I pretty much have zero recollection of how I pieced that speech together... but it was a surreal moment."

"You had a press conference! You called a press conference!" laughed Wilson.

"I know, yeah," replied Drake, swearing that the conference happened organically. "I just turned to my right and there were 30 microphones," he said. "They wanted to hear me speak."

Drizzy went on to talk about how "crazy" the entire playoffs experience was for him, commending former Raptor Kawhi Leonard for his work as well as "the rest of the guys that have been playing their heart out on this team even when we were not doing well."

The artist also spoke at length during the interview about his musical inspirations, his rise to fame, various rap beefs, those ghostwriting rumours and accusations of him being a "culture vulture," among other things — including that wild NBA Championship victory parade in Toronto.

"That parade, I've honestly never seen anything like that with my two eyes in my entire life," Drake said in the RapRadar video, which was published to his own YouTube page on Christmas Day.

"I've never been so sure that something wasn't real… like, I was like, this is not real, I must be like, I must have like, ya know, dislocated my knee and I'm like in the hospital on morphine or something… it was just, it was crazy."

Drake said he was floored when the bus he was riding with Leonard during the parade emerged from beneath a bridge into the financial district.

"You would look up at these like 50-floor skyscrapers and every window had 20 people in it," he said. "I had just never seen anything like that… I don't know if any sports team will ever have a parade like that, it meant so much... it wasn't just about Toronto it was about being Canadian that day."

When asked if it was painful for him to watch Leonard go to the Clippers in free agency following the 2018-2019 NBA season, Drake said "Yeah. Of course!" but that, ultimately, he could "never fault a man for going home."

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