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This is what Drake's day was like at the Raptors parade and celebrations

The world's only NBA Championship-winning rapper, Drake, celebrated his team's groundbreaking recent Finals victory in style on Monday during what turned into a day-long, Raptors-themed bender for the entire City of Toronto. 

Wait, what? Drake's not on the Toronto Raptors? He's not an owner, either? Or a coach? You could have fooled literally anyone watching the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Parade.

Drizzy — who, in an official context, is the team's global brand ambassador — eschewed his own, pre-announced float during Monday's celebratory procession in favour of hopping aboard a bus with his good friends Kyle Lowry, Fred VanVleet and Kawhi Leonard.

The handsome quartet spent at least five hours atop that double-decker bus, slowly working their way through the city while pouring champagne all over exuberant fans.

It was nothing short of spectacular, just like the rest of Drake's day (and his year, and his entire post-Degrassi life).

At one point during the parade, a member of the crowd threw a beer up to the Grammy-winning Toronto native. Drake caught said beer and proceeded to chug, much to the delight of internet people.

Elsewhere along the parade route, Drizzy recognized Toronto's now-famous "plant guy" and called him over to the bus for a meet-and-greet/plant-gifting session with Kawhi.

At another point, a CBC reporter threw a microphone all the way up to Drake. Ever the sportsman, Drake caught the mic, made some comments and then executed the most extreme mic drop of all time.

Meanwhile, Drake's headline-making new jumbo jet was doing fly-bys over the parade route all day.

Needless to say, Aubrey and the boys were all in fantastic moods.

By the time the parade arrived for a victory rally at Nathan Phillips Square, Drake was ready to relieve himself of all that beer and champagne. The artist is said to have rushed to the public washrooms inside City Hall. He came out to a crowd of cheering fans.

Despite some intense drama in the crowd, Drake gave a rousing speech onstage at the victory party, dropping some huge news in the process.

OVO Fest is coming back, according to Drake — but, more importantly, you should hug a stranger.

"I want you to know that these moments are few and far between," he said during his onstage speech at Nathan Phillips Square.

"I want you to turn to somebody that you don't know and I want you to give them a hug, I want you to tell them, 'Congratulations,' because we're from the greatest city in the world and we are the 2019 NBA Champions of the world."

"Give somebody a hug today!" the musician concluded. "I like to see all that love."

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