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Someone went on a rant about 'outrageous' food prices at Toronto's Rogers Centre

One Toronto Blue Jays fan went on an online tirade over the cost of grabbing a bite to eat at the Rogers Centre, sharing a now-viral video highlighting some pretty outrageous prices for standard ballpark fare like hot dogs and beer.

Sports content creator Jesse Pollock, best known for pissing off local sports fans with his comedic levels of hate for the Toronto Maple Leafs, is still very much a Blue Jays fan, though he is not at all a fan of the stadium's ever-increasing food prices.

@jessepollock22 The prices for food at sporting events are getting outrageous 😵‍💫💰 #sports #baseball #mlb #bluejays #toronto #canada ♬ original sound - Jesse Pollock

Pollock goes off in the clip about prices at stadium concession stands, including chicken tenders and footlong hot dog combos selling at over $30, calling the prices "outrageous."

The clip goes on to show tacos combos priced at $26.58 with a souvenir fountain drink and $29.58 for the same combo with a Cutwater Margarita in place of the soft drink.

Pollock continues to show off menu items like a plant-based bowl and bottled beverage combo for $25.68, and a souvenir cup of draught beer for $17.58, which he somewhat misleadingly narrates as "$18 for a beer," rounding up the price and failing to mention the souvenir cup upcharge.

"I mean they have the souvenir cups... but still outrageous. Toronto prices for you," writes one user.

Granted, some of the prices are harder to justify, like the Pizza Nova cheese slice registering at almost $8, about which Pollock exclaimed, "this is not right."

Many commenters agree with Pollock's rant.

One wrote, "Toronto sports are insane on pricing I only go to a jays game if its loonie dog days."

Pollock wasn't critical of all menu items, though, and did praise the $1 hot dogs served at Loonie Dogs Night during Tuesday home games.

A few Jays fans were quick to point out that food can be brought to games as a way to get around exorbitant stadium prices. Or just eat outside the Dome.

"Right outside the gates, you can get a great sausage and drink for less than $10, just eat before you go in," reads one response.

The Blue Jays rolled out several new menu items this year after ditching the team's former food supplier following the conclusion of the 2023 season.

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