fake drake impostor

A very obviously fake Drake impostor somehow fooled a whole bunch of people

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in Toronto who doesn't immediately recognize locally-significant hip hop megastar Drake.

But, apparently, not all of his fans know his face as well as his hit tracks, as there seems to be an entire industry of Drake impostors deadset on piggybacking on his stardom for their own gain.

A viral video that emerged over the weekend shows a very obviously fake Drake walking down a busy street in what appears to be a subtropical American city, possibly Miami, if the background track is to be believed.

Maybe it was the OVO gear, or the fact he was moving too fast for people to verify his identity, or perhaps it was his entourage keeping would-be fans clear, but onlookers appeared to actually believe they were in Drizzy's presence, even if the guy looked nothing like Drake.

"Excuse me, excuse me, Drake coming through y'all," says a fake member of the fake Drake's fake entourage, as fans seem to react as though in the presence of the authentic recording superstar.

In a brazen disregard of fundamental consent, a woman in a purple shirt, likely thinking she was about to get a once-in-a-lifetime interaction, reaches out to grab the impostor Champagne Papi, instead getting a brief touch of what looks more like a sparkling grape juice Papi.

This is in no way the first person to pretend to be Drake, but it's the complete lack of resemblance to the Certified Lover Boy rapper that has people erupting in laughter.

Among the comical responses, a few other Walmart versions of globally-recognizable superstars got shoutouts.

It's also a fun reminder of the time Toronto bandwagon basketball fans were trolled by a fake Kawhi Leonard, despite the impostor being several years younger and several inches shorter than the famed former Raptor, while bearing little resemblance to the 2019 champ.

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