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This Toronto man is rising to fame just for looking like Drake

A Toronto man is rising to fame in both Canada and the U.S. for looking similar to Canadian rapper Drake. 

Isaiah Sharp, who goes by "IzzyyDrake" has always been told he resembles Drizzy. Although, it wasn't until a month ago that he started getting booked and busy for being the rapper's doppelganger. 

At the beginning of October, IzzyyDrake was clubbing in Miami, where he happened to run into Tory Lanez, another Canadian rapper. 

That night, Lanez was automatically entertained by how much IzzyyDrake looked like the real Drake, so he posted a picture of him to his Instagram story. 

The story went viral and, with the help of Lanez' 11 million followers, the photo of IzzyyDrake caught the attention of notable rap music media outlets like XXL Magazine

The opportunities came pouring in for IzzyyDrake; the more he went out in Miami, the more he was posted across social media. 

"I'd get lots of message requests of people asking me to show up to their event, because Drake was too expensive," said IzzyyDrake. 

Some people offered to pay him up to $5,000 just to show up at their events and make it seem like the real Drake was actually attending.  

IzzyyDrake tells blogTO it went even further when he started getting hired to perform Drake songs at venues around Los Angeles, Miami and Toronto. 

"I never expected to get famous for just looking like me, but I kind of just went with the flow of it," said IzzyyDrake. 

The real question that's probably on everyone's mind: Is the real Drake aware that he has a doppleganger going around performing his songs?

IzzyyDrake tells blogTO that the rapper definitely knows about him.

The Torontonian was vacationing in Las Vegas recently when he met a affluent casino gambler who knew Drake personally. 

The gambler wanted to post a picture of IzzyyDrake to his socials, but called up the real Drake to make sure it wouldn't make him look bad. 

"He didn't really care, he just said it wasn't affecting him or anything that he was doing," said IzzyyDrake. 

His whole experience rising to fame as Drake's look alike has prompted the Toronto native to pursue his own music career. 

His first single called "Do Not Disturb" is dropping on November 23. 

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