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The top 25 doughnuts in Toronto by neighbourhood

The top doughnuts — or donuts, whatever — in Toronto by neighbourhood don’t include the Tim's variety, but they do include some sweet treats that are just as good (better, actually). From the sugar-dusted variety to vegan kinds, the city has got it all. 

Here are my picks for the top doughnuts in Toronto by neighbourhood.


All-natural, vegan, and organic: what more can you can want from the doughnuts at Tori’s Bakeshop, where you’ll feel completely guilt-free eating their mouthwatering pink vanilla doughnut with sprinkles on top.

Bloor West Village

It’s no longer called Anna’s Bakery but Janchenko Bakery still serves up homemade Eastern European desserts including their famous ponchiki, a traditional European doughnut that they fill with plum purée.


Bloomer’s is a popular local vegan spot with Boston cream doughnuts, blueberry ones and even a Canadian maple cream that’s big, fluffy, and totally addictive.

Bloordale Village

The sprinkl-y concoctions at Through Being Cool might look indulgent, but they’re completely vegan. It’s all about doughnuts here, with shiny, gooey options that are almost too perfect-looking to eat.

Corso Italia

Tre Mari Bakery has been baking up a storm since 1960, and despite being so old school they’ve managed to keep up with the times by offering creative treats like maple-coated vanilla doughnuts alongside their loaves of Vienna bread.

doughnuts donuts toronto

Some doughnuts from Rolling Pin come topped with a whole cannoli. Photo by Hector Vasquez. 


The gourmet doughnuts from Von Doughnuts look like art, with daily doughnuts like the Mangiacake (a vanilla bean dipped beauty), the Kahlua S’more, the Home Simpson, and the Sundae, which literally has a cherry on top.

Dundas West

It’s all vegan creations at Sweet Hart Kitchen where you’ll find plenty of thick, puffy doughnuts with loopy icing. Charming creations like the chocolate raspberry doughnuts will definitely make your day a bit better.


SanRemo Bakery is a certified doughnut mainstay. This Italian bakery is literally always busy with people lining up for their ice cream-filled doughnuts and lemon meringue creations.

Financial District

They’re not doughnuts, they’re bombolone: the soft and light Italian varieties sold at Sud Forno that are sprinkled with sugar and filled with their version of Nutella or a rich crema.


It’s hard to find gluten-free doughnuts that taste like the real deal, but The Butternut Baking Co. specializes in mini doughnuts made with almond flour that are low carb and diabetic-friendly.

doughnuts donuts toronto

The mini doughnuts from Butternut Baking Co. are gluten-free. Photo by Hector Vasquez. 

King West

Pair the delicious little doughnuts from Cops with some drip coffee. It’s a perfect combo brought to you by the same people as Baddies who are moving their attention from brunch to cinnamon sugar and glazed goods in an all-pink setting.

Lawrence and Avenue

The doughnuts from The Rolling Pin are nothing short of epic. This popular bakery always has rotating flavours of these baked goods on deck: some days you’ll find marshmallow fluffs, on other days you’ll find ones topped with entire cannolis.

Little Italy

One of the most notable shops to first start doling out gourmet baked goods, Jelly Modern Doughnuts has made a name for itself with decadent recipes like their famous maple bacon doughnut.


What's the CNE without Tiny Tom Donuts? Unbeknownst to many, the purveyor of this classic deep-fried doughnut has its own brick-and-mortar on Woodbine, where you can buy packs of these carnival classics without waiting forever in line outside the Tiny Tom truck.

North York

The Italian business Rustic Bakery has been around since 1986 and makes an amazing zeppole: deep-fried and custard-filled fritters that are like a way better, flakier, Italian version of a Boston cream. 

top doughnuts donuts toronto

Sweet Hart Kitchen bakes up healthy "no-bake" doughnuts. Photo by Hector Vasquez. 


Cuban sandwiches are obviously what you come for at La Cubana, but this menu also includes an order of six delicious little buttermilk doughnuts made fresh in-house, whipped cream and caramel sauce on the side, if you aren’t too full.


The vegan stuff from Glory Hole Doughnuts is so tasty, it’s no wonder why restaurants and cafes all over the city like Early Bird and Lit Espresso Bar stock their little treats.

Pape Village

If Homer Simpson saw the doughnuts from Apiecalypse Now!, he’d think he were in Springfield and not in a vegan spot in Hogtown. They make these perfect pink Simpsons doughnuts in batches, so make sure to catch them when you can.

Queen West

The smell of the mini doughnuts from Little Nicky’s is almost as mesmerizing as watching them come out of the cafe’s conveyor belt. Sprinkled with sugar, a half dozen of these little bites make the best accompaniment to coffee.


The poofy doughnuts from White Lily Diner rotate regularly, so expect to find their maple pecan dipped goods on some days and salted caramel-filled ones on others.

doughnuts donuts toronto

The picture perfect doughnuts from Von Doughnuts are totally vegan. Photo by Jesse Milns. 


Everything at the family-run Filipino business Port Union Bakery is made from scratch. Classic flavours like sprinkled chocolate and cinnamon twists will remind you of Timmies, but way better because they’re homemade.

St. Clair West

Everything is made fresh in the morning at the popular brunch spot Emma’s Country Kitchen. I mean, one of the co-owners of the restaurant actually won the Donut Showdown TV series competition, so you know their stuff is good.

Yonge and Dundas

You’ve definitely seen the doughnuts from Fugo all over your IG feed. Their boxes of 16 assorted mini sweets are one of the best things to bring to a party. You can’t go wrong with bacon on a doughnut.

Yonge and Eglinton

Uncle Betty’s has long been known for those famous New Yorker Dreesen’s-style Donuts that people have long been obsessed with. They make them multiple times a day using their famous 'Donut Robot' with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, the ol’ fashioned way.


Decadent creations from Sorelle and Co. are definitely not cheap but they just might be worth the richness of a crinkle double chocolate doughnut that’s completely gluten- and nut-free.

Lead photo by

Jesse Milns of Cops

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