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The top 30 pizza in Toronto by neighbourhood

The top pizza joints in Toronto rarely fail to deliver a good slice, no matter where you are. Pop by an of these pizza pie shops for your favourite triangle-shaped food in the whole world. 

Here are my picks for the top pizza in Toronto by neighbourhood. 

The Annex

Papa Ceo has been serving hungry and sleep-deprived U of T students with their massive slices, topped with generous portions of meat, cheese, and the occasional veggies for low prices.

Bayview and Leaside

For pizzas topped with some of the best pulled pork in the city, head to Conspiracy, the pizza spot located in the same place as its BBQ counterpart, Adamson Barbeque. 


Three-day aged dough makes up the crusts at Village Pizza. Buy two of their artisanal slices and get a pop for free. 


Pick your favourite pie out of nine signature options at Salt & Tobacco, where thin crust pizzas are served up in a beautifully designed, laid back shop. 


Located spot just north of Queen St., Maker Pizza is a narrow restaurant that offers tasty signature slices brought to you a former partner of another pizzeria on this list.

Corso Italia

Though they're better known for their calzones, Frank’s Pizza House does everything Italian well, and their pizzas are no exception. 

top pizzas toronto

Conspiracy Pizza slices are covered in saucy toppings and Southern-style meats. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


Longtime pizza spot Danforth Pizza House has been serving the area for over 50 years with whole pizzas baked only for takeout, with recipes that have been proudly passed down in the Manikas family. 

Dundas West

The company's third location, this Queen Margherita specializes in wood-fired pizzas that are put in the oven for around a minute and a half before being served in all their gooey deliciousness.

Entertainment District

One of the best pizzerias in the city, General Assembly is a spacious restaurant with two ovens from Naples which bakes the pizza's dough  – which is made of both Canadian and Italian flour  – to perfection. 


Serving up thick crusted pizzas with premium ingredients, FBI Pizza – which stands for Full Blown Italian, naturally – is a true Mimico gem. 

Financial District

The smaller version of its larger counterpart on West Queen West, Good Son in Assembly Chef's Hall has a menu of 12-inch pizzas that you can get in five signature pies. 

Harbord Village

There's something about Pizza Gigi that keeps the locals and nearby U of T students coming back, despite the fact that its been closed down before for slinging drugs – oh wait. That makes sense.  

High Park

For gigantic, gooey slices that will definitely give you some serious post-pizza sleepies, head to King Slice

top pizza toronto

Delicious pizzas and affordable slices are are the draw at Yeah Yeahs at Rosedale. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


Bringing the art of the New York-Italian pizza to Toronto, Vesuvio has been serving the neighbourhood for over 50 years with menus that have been proudly been passed down in the Pugliese family. 

Junction Triangle

Get your pizza crusts at Defina Woodfired in four types: Napoletana, Roma, Kamut or gluten-free, and enjoy some delicious slices covered in luxuriously tasty toppings like pork shoulder sausage. 


Apiecalypse Now is the only restaurant in the city to specialize in gluten-free pizzas. Using ingredients like organic wheat flour and tapioca and pea paste cheese, you'd never guess you weren't eating meat, and you probably wouldn't miss it either. 


As the first Detroit-style pizzeria in the city, the pies at Descendant Pizza are all thick, gooey slices of rich pizza, cut into squares and big enough to feed a family of four (or just one really hungry person). 

Little India

As the sole pizza spot in an area inundated with Indian cuisine, Pizzeria Via Mercani on Gerrard is a spacious restaurant with a simple interior but a cozy feel and two dozen signature pizzas to choose from. 

Little Italy

An aging Italian joint on Clinton, the interior at Bitondo's has definitely seen better days, but it's still a great option for loyalists who love the place's big slices of ready-made pizzas, sandwiches, panzos.

North York

All foods at Pizza Shab are completely Halal, meaning no pepperonis, but you likely won't miss them. Slices here are big and gooey, and also come in a "rolling pizza" option, which is essentially like a shawarma with a pizza interior. 


With multiple locations around the city, Pizzeria Libretto has become synonymous with delicious thin-crust Neopolitan pizzas, which you can devour in a comfortably classy environment. 


Unlike its fancier sitdown location on Ossington, this Superpoint Express is predominantly takeout. You can, however, take one of six seats at the bar and watch the chef make your $5 slice, served with some phenomenal dipping sauces. 

top pizza toronto neighhbourhood

Defina Woodfired in the Junction Triangle is where to get handmade wood-fired pizzas. Photo by Jesse Milns

Queen West

With a small menu of pies, North of Brooklyn is a high-end joint that also does take out and delivery. Their pizzas are Brooklyn-inspired, implying the fact that a lot of care has been put into your slice, beautifully crafted with seasonal ingredients. 

Richmond Hill

Everything other than the meats are made in-house at Abruzzo Pizza, a restaurant that's been up and running since 1981. Grab the a small Margherita pizza for something reliable and quick. 


Lambretta is a date-night getaway and weekend hub for families who love the sight of the restaurant's gas-powered stone oven – a contraption which bakes the mouthwatering Roman-style pizzas the place is known for. 


A low-key spot with cheap slices and beers, Yeah Yeahs is a Nova Scotian transplant that's partnered with Boxcar Social to bring us crisp pizza with 24-hour fermented dough.


The go-to for anything baked and Italian, Lamanna’s Bakery not only serves up pizza slices, it carries ready made pizza dough in its fridge incase you want to go home and try tossing your pie. 

West Queen West

A perfect date spot for Italian food lovers (or just general fans of eating) Terroni's bustling environment adds to the excitement of ordering a gourmet pizza with incredible toppings for around $20. 

Yonge & Eglinton

A neighbourhood institution, Classico Louie’s definitely isn't your upscale pizza spot but it serves the basics and does it well. All their dough is made with Durum Semolina Crust and rolled in Cornmeal, giving their pies a distinctly unique flavour. 


Heads to Pi-Co for a customizable pizza that's double proofed to give it a delicious sour dough effect. Choose from sauces like San Marzano and garlic to douse your fluffy, heat blistered pizza with. 

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at General Assembly

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