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Chito's Pizza

Chito’s Pizza combines two staple comfort foods into one ingenious creation: shawarma pizza. 

While not the first and only restaurant to do it, Chito's is undoubtedly the city's foremost shawarma pizzeria, with a signature garlic sauce that's to die for. 

chitos pizza torontoLocated in an inconspicuous plaza by Yorkdale Mall, Chito's in its current form has only been open since 2017. It's a clean space, and there's enough seating here if you feel like eating your pizza fresh out the oven, which I highly recommend. 

chitos pizza torontoIt has another longstanding location by Bloor and Lansdowne, but owner​​​​​​ Ergun Yaldiz (a.k.a Chito himself) has been baking up pizza pies in Toronto for over two decades.

chitos pizza torontoHailing from a Turkish town not far from Cappadocia, Chito takes the art of cooking, skewering, and slicing shawarma very seriously, which explains why the meat here is so tender.

chitos pizza torontoWhile the pizzeria does offer standard pies like the usual pepperoni slices and Hawaiian, locals and workers from the nearby industrial areas surrounding Yorkdale flock to Chito's for Italian favourites stuffed with and covered in juicy shawarma meat. 

chitos pizza torontoChito's signature pizza is the standard here. A single slice with chicken shawarma is $5.99, but chances are you'll want more than that.

Whole pies run between $13.99 for a medium (which will get you eight slices) to $20.99 for an extra large. It's extra for the mix of beef and lamb shawarma. 

chitos pizza torontoDough is made from scratch with olive oil here, as is the tomato pizza sauce.

chitos pizza torontoUnlike the location down on Bloor, this Chito's has a stone-fired oven, where crusts are baked at 500C. They come out perfectly chewy yet firm enough to support a load of shawarma. 

chitos pizza torontoToppings are extra, but I recommend keeping the additives minimal so the meaty flavours shine through. A simple complementary mix of mushrooms and red onions is perfect, in my opinion. 

chitos pizza torontoAnd of course, every slice and pie of the signature pizza comes with a healthy dousing of Chito's creamy house-made garlic sauce. It's available on the side as well.  

chitos pizza torontoIt's junk food, yes, but Chito's signature is phenomenal. A slice here will make you question why you'd ever want to get pizza with pepperoni when you can get it with shawarma instead. 

chitos pizza torontoIf you can't get enough of the shawarma and sauce combo, you can add it to an order of medium french fries ($3.29) for an extra $3. 

chitos pizza torontoOf course, the fries aren't the show stoppers here, though they will take your stomach to another level of full if you don't pace yourself with the rest of the meal. chitos pizza torontoAnd in another mindblowing move of deliciousness, Chito's has brought us shawarma-stuffed panzerotti. 

chitos pizza torontoDelicately soft, cheesy pockets made from scratch are stuffed with your choice of shawarma for an extra $3.50.

chitos pizza torontoAgain, keeping it simple is the best move here, so I recommend getting the panzerotti with just one topping inside ($4.99) though you can get as many as three ($6.99). 

chitos pizza torontoTo cut through the grease, you can grab a sweet little bottle of Uludag Gazoz, which Chito tells me is essentially Turkish Fanta.

If you haven't tried Chito's yet, you're not a real pizza conoisseur. Ditch the Pizza Huts and Dominos of the world and grab a pie that's actually worth feeling the post-pizza sleepies. 

chitos pizza toronto

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Chito's Pizza

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Chito's Pizza

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