Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

Conspiracy Pizza

Conspiracy Pizza comes to us from the same folks and in fact is essentially run out of the same space as Adamson Barbecue. Owner Adam Skelly focused on perfecting the art of slow cooking meats Southern-style first, and now he’s surprisingly applying it to pizza.

They’re not necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel here, just sticking to what they know how to do best and putting those flavours onto pizza. They have an almost counterintuitive approach to cooking, sometimes coming up with names for pies before actually thinking of ingredients.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

The place is big, airy, and industrial, a lot like the Adamson space because they’re basically one and the same.

Conspiracy Pizza TorontoDespite the stark feel they keep it fun with nineties-inspired colours like magenta and yellow splashed onto ducts and lighting. The kitchen is totally open.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

The Bay of Pigs ($25) is a white pizza topped with Adamson pulled pork and bacon, mozza, red onion, sweet pickle, and a BBQ mustard sauce. It’s meant to be inspired by a Cubano sandwich, and it works: after all, isn’t a pizza just a kind of big sandwich? The mustard and pickles bring an unexpectedly good tang and crunch.

Conspiracy Pizza TorontoDough that’s stretched, topped and baked before your eyes is soft, elastic and sturdy.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

The Jimmy Hoffa ($25) is another white pizza topped with spicy Italian sausage, Ancho chilis, dandelion greens, mozza, gruyere, and a sunchoke cream.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

They gotta do the classic pep ($22), obviously a red pizza with mozza and fior evenly covered in small, curly pepperoni. Crusts are brushed with oil for nice lacquer and flavour.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

The Egg Trails ($24) pushes the envelope in terms of both puns and ingredients, a red pizza topped with eggs, mushrooms, poblano peppers, red onions, Adamson bacon and Fresno chili sauce.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

The Grassy Knoll ($26) is clearly for kale lovers, a red pie topped with tons of the stuff as well as mushrooms, mozza, parm, and sunchoke sauce.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

A giant black and white mural on one wall hints at all the conspiracy theories that are cheekily poked at throughout the menu, from flat earth to chem trails, JFK’s assassination to big pharma, Tupac to MK Ultra.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

At Conspiracy, they’re definitely bringing together hot topics that get everyone excited by combining pizza, BBQ, and deranged conspiracy theories, but thankfully it’s not just a gimmick when you take a bite.

Conspiracy Pizza Toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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