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Slowsouth Pizza

Slowsouth Pizza is a new spot in Brockton Village serving up authentic slices prepared by a pizza chef who was born and bred in Italy. 

Giuseppe Bruzzese always dreamed of owning a restaurant after working in pizzerias for almost 18 years while living in Europe. 

slowsouth pizza torontoHe came to Canada five years ago where he partnered up with Enrica Zamboni, who also comes from Italy, and they decided to come together and open a pizza joint. 

slowsouth pizza torontoThe name Slowsouth Pizza is an ode to the 72 hours it takes to prep dough for each pie. All the dough is made with only five ingredients and prepped in-house everyday for added freshness. 

slowsouth pizza torontoBefore Bruzzese moved in, the space at 1588 Dundas Street West was home to Sapori, a wine bar serving massive charcuterie boards. 

slowsouth pizza torontoThe previous owner was looking to sell due to personal reasons and that's when Bruzzese took over. 

slowsouth pizza torontoThe menu at Slowsouth Pizza is split up into two different types of pies: American, for those looking to eat a veggie lover or pepperoni pizza or traditional Italian style, that includes Margherita or toppings like rapini. 

slowsouth pizza torontoAfter your slices are dressed up with toppings, the pizza is baked in a wood-fire oven for about 90 seconds, before it comes out piping hot.

slowsouth pizza torontoWe began the afternoon with a starter called Sicilian Arancini ($13.00). These deep-fried rice balls are stuffed with tomato sauce, ground beef and green peas.

slowsouth pizza torontoWatch the mozzarella ooze out of each one as you cut into it. Dunking the crunchy exterior into the rich tomato sauce that comes on the side will have you reaching for more. 

slowsouth pizza torontoYou can't go wrong with a classic Margherita pizza slice ($4.00). The great thing about Slowsouth's individual slices is that you aren't getting a mouthful of bread with each bite. It's a good balance of toppings and crust. 

slowsouth pizza torontoTomato sauce and two types of cheeses, mozzarella and fior di latte, melt into each other on the surface of this slice. Two basil leaves on top may seem like a bit much, but they actually add some dynamic to the flavour of what would otherwise be a plain cheese pizza. 

slowsouth pizza torontoIf you're looking for a full-sized pizza, choose between 12- and 18-inch pies at Slowsouth, differing in price between $16 to $29, the larger they get. 

The Salsiccia & Rapini pizza ($18.00) pictured here is a 12-inch, cut into four large slices that could easily feed two people.

slowsouth pizza torontoTomato sauce and mozzarella cover the base, with sprinkles of spicy sausage and rapini baked on top. A delicious way to get your greens in, if rapini is your thing.

slowsouth pizza torontoWhile devouring your pizza, enjoy the view from Slowsouth's streetside table that faces Dundas Street West and people-watch to your heart's desire. 

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Slowsouth Pizza

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Slowsouth Pizza

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