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Netflix is casting Canadians for its own Squid Game reality TV challenge

Can you believe it's been less than a year since Squid Game came into the lives of Netflix viewers everywhere, adding a whole new level of K-coolness to the ways in which we eat, playlearn, dress, love and are marketed to by #brands?

The wildly-popular Korean survival drama was released on Sept. 17, 2021, capturing the attention of enough people to make it Netflix's most-viewed original series of all time.

Squid Game was an absolute thrill to watch, hence its many victories at award shows including the Golden Globes and Primetime Emmys.

But like... to play? To play the game that the show is based around? I doubt many people would be as keen to [spoilers spoilers spoilers]. Many would rather watch outstanding actors perform it on-screen from their living rooms.

That said, if being in a real-life version of Squid Game is your ultimate dream, you'll be pleased to learn that Netflix is now casting some 456 people from all over the globe to compete for a pretty huge prize.

"With the largest cast in reality TV history, 456 real players will enter the game in pursuit of a life-changing cash prize of $4.56 million," reads a casting website for a forthcoming TV program called Squid Game The Challenge: A Netflix Reality Competition.

"Do you have what it takes to win Squid Game? For this round, the Front Man is in search of English-language speakers from any part of the world," continues the site.

"The stakes are high, but in this game the worst fate is going home empty-handed."

Yeah, I should hope so; It's not legal to [spoilers spoilers spoilers] in Canada, or anywhere else at this point in human history, thank goodness.

There are three separate casting sites for Americans, U.K. residents and everyone else in the world (including us goofy Canucks!).

"You've seen the drama, now it's your chance to take part in Netflix's biggest ever social experiment! This supersized unscripted show turns the scripted world of the drama into reality," reads the global casting page.

"Real-life players will be immersed in the iconic Squid Game universe and will never know what's coming next. Here they'll compete in a series of heart-stopping games in order to become the sole survivor* and walk away with a life-changing cash prize."

"Please note: Win or lose, all players will leave unscathed," reads a disclaimer. "But if you win, you win big!"

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