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Here's where in Toronto you can get the childhood candy from Squid Game

Squid Game is the latest pop culture phenomenon to arrive on Netflix, and Toronto is just as obsessed with the childhood games depicted on the TV show as everyone else.

The Korean thriller series (spoiler alert) pits ordinary people against each other in deadly versions of childhood games. One nail-biting episode features a traditional kids' candy that people have been recreating on social media.

Dalgona already captured the minds of people in Toronto once before, when dalgona lattes went viral during lockdowns.

The sugar snack in Squid Games involves trying to snap an exact shape out of the candy, and now you can try your hand at the dalgona game yourself by picking some up for free from Savorology.

You can now get a free honeycomb candy from the artisan bakery with any purchase until Oct. 10, just ask the cashier.

Savorology owner Helen Zhao and her staff have become fans of Squid Game, so it was only natural for them to make the candy.

"We decided to have some fun and give the dalgona candy a try. 
It's actually very easy to make for our bakers. They turned out great for the first time and following," Zhao tells blogTO.

"The key to success is all about the temperature of the sugar and speed of operation. We have many shapes of cookie cutters and all the tools we need."

The candies are almost identical to those in the show, though the shapes are slightly different. Whereas in the show there are circle, star, umbrella and triangle shapes, Savorology is giving out dalgona with triangle, star, flower and heart shapes.

Thankfully, you won't get shot in the head for carving any of them out wrong.

The bakery is known for being creative and replicating things in pastry form to a T: they also make creations that look just like a durian fruit, or cute animal butts.

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