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Savorology is an artisan bakery that specializes in picture perfect mochi and Mille crepe cake. 

The Asian-inspired cakes and desserts that come out of this Sheppard Avenue East bakeshop are all made from scratch on-site and kept on display in the small takeout space.

Savorology TorontoDepending on when in the Chinese calendar you stop by, you might also be privy to speciality items based around celebrations or holidays like the lava custard moon cakes they make in September for Mid Autumn Festival. 

Owner Aimme Zhao gave up her medical studies to work under pastry chefs in China, Japan and France before going on to study at Toronto's George Brown College and the now-closed Bonnie Gordon College. 

Savorology Toronto

Mochi bubbles are Zhao's spin on chewy Japanese rice cakes featuring an unexpected layer of chiffon cake and pastry cream in place of ice cream inside of the sweet rice dough encasing that's made in-house. 

Savorology Toronto

There are six mochi flavours at any one time including Oreo chocolate, durian, coconut latte, salted egg yolk and taro, matcha chestnut and bubble tea with tapioca inside ($11.50 for two and $21.99 for four). 

Savorology Toronto

The larger size (more than double that of a typical mochi) helps justify the cost, though the subtly of flavours in a few of them are lost, overpowered by the generous amount of cream. 

Savorology Toronto

A special mochi bubble has been added to the rotation in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year on Feb. 1. The tiger face tasting of matcha chestnut and matching tiger tail of Oreo chocolate is in honour of the Year of the Tiger ahead and come as a set ($14.80 for two). 

Savorology TorontoThe red velvet cake roll ($18.80 for 5" and $28.80 for 8") with white chocolate ganache and cheesecake interior is another item on limited time offer for the Lunar New Year. 

Savorology TorontoThe hanzi word on the chocolate decoration translates to good fortune and happiness. I'm told it's placed upside down so that the good fortune will pour out on the home or wherever it's placed. 

Both the cake roll and tiger mochi will be available until Feb. 10. 

Savorology Toronto

A bakery favourite that's around all year is the 20-layer Mille crepe cake. Choose between 10 flavours when pre-ordering online ($65 for 6" and $95 for 9"). For the chocolate, a chocolate pastry cream is added between every layer of delicate crepe. 

Savorology TorontoThe crepes are made with freshly melted milk chocolate and come out paper-thin. When it comes to other cake flavours like tiramisu and boba milk tea, the crepes are made with a coffee or black tea base instead. 

Savorology TorontoThe several layers are stacked on one another to form a tall slice of cake and a light, airy texture your fork will glide through (slice: $9.99). Savorology Toronto

The Earl Grey crepe cake with black tea crepes, whipped ganache and Earl Grey jelly is my favourite of the desserts. The cloud-like consistency melts in your mouth, giving you time to appreciate the understated taste.

Savorology Toronto

Durian bombs ($76.85 for six servings) are made to look like the spiky-skinned fruit from South-East Asia, even coloured yellow and green to further replicate it. 

Savorology TorontoThough not exactly my thing, there's no denying the striking cake would be a durian fan's dream filled with a creamy durian puree, mango confit, and passionfruit and cream cheese mousse. 

Savorology Toronto

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