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Oishiii Sweets is the brainchild of Tiffany Li, a Markham-based pastry chef and cake designer with a passion for all things cute.

The cafe takes its name from a Japanese word meaning 'delicious and appealing', a descriptor which couldn’t be more apt.

Oishiii Sweets has an extensive menu and a distinctive aesthetic, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

oishiii sweetsUpon entering, you'll find a warm, softly-lit space filled with wooden furniture and cute knick knacks.

One of the cafe's most notable features is a wall of framed photos, each depicting a stuffed alpaca at a scenic location. The subject of these photos is Larry, Tiffany's travelling companion and Oishiii Sweets' mascot.

oishiii sweetsTiffany explains that the photos were all taken while vacationing overseas. Instead of commemorating each trip with a selfie, she marked the occasion with a photo of her plush pal.

oishiii sweets"People always ask whether Larry was photoshopped into these pictures," she says. "They're always surprised when I tell them that he was actually there."

Larry also provided the inspiration for the cafe's logo, which resembles a smiling alpaca crossed with a stylized mushroom. Both of these motifs can be found throughout the dining area.

oishiii sweetsOishiii Sweets was founded in 2019, only a few months before the  pandemic forced restaurants to close their doors. This was a difficult time for Oishiii Sweets, as the cafe was still trying to make a name for itself.

oishiii sweetsTiffany claims that her business owes its continued success to collaborations with local artists and established brands.

Oishiii Sweets worked alongside Toronto staples like Isabella's Mochi Donuts during the lockdown, and hosted themed events once dining restrictions had eased up. Before long, these pop-ups became part of the cafe's identity.

oishiii sweets"It wasn’t part of the original plan," Tiffany confesses. "It just kind of happened."

Tiffany's strong culinary background and love for Japanese-style pastries informs much of the cafe's menu.

oishiii sweetsCheesecakes can be bought by the slice ($5.75) or ordered in bulk. The black sesame tofu cake is just one of the flavours available for purchase. It has a unique, almost nutty taste, complimented by a white chocolate wedge and a tangy blackberry.

oishiii sweetsCupcakes ($4.50) are light, fluffy, and topped with rich buttercream icing. The strawberry-vanilla cupcake is a fresh take on a classic dessert, while the matcha-sesame is a treat for more adventurous palates. Both are topped with crunchy sugar pearls, making them fun to eat.

oishiii sweetsMacarons ($4.50) are available in over a dozen flavours, including bitter durian, fragrant yuzu and sweet strawberry-lychee. Their crunchy coating is decorated with complex patterns and adorable animals, hiding a sugary filling beneath.

oishiii sweetsMochi muffins ($3.50) are soft and spongy with a chewy center. These come in mild pandan and bold sesame.

oishiii sweetsBrownies ($4.75) make an excellent afternoon snack. The matcha-oreo flavour is among the most popular.

oishiii sweetsCookies ($4.50) are baked daily and combine familiar flavours with traditional Japanese ingredients. The ube cookies and cream is one of my personal favourites.

oishiii sweetsFrosted sugar cookies ($8) can be found in baskets on the front table. Designs vary from week to week, but often coincide with the current pop-up: the cookies take inspiration from a variety of different sources, including anime series like Pokemon and pop stars such as Taylor Swift.

oishiii sweetsThe iced ube latte ($6) has a vibrant purple colour and a gentle, milky taste, making it a great alternative to conventional iced coffee.

oishiii sweetsFans of Japanese media will appreciate the shout-outs to their favourite comics and TV shows, but foodies of all sorts will find something to love about this charming cafe.

oishiii sweetsOishiii Sweets is located at 3376 Kennedy Rd, Unit 2.

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Oishiii Sweets

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Oishiii Sweets

Oishiii Sweets

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