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Everyone's doing Squid Game challenges in Toronto these days

Squid Game is blowing up as the most-watched original series on Netflix right now, and Toronto is eager to get in on the craze with all kinds of businesses offering up their own versions of challenges from the show.

Restaurants hopped on the dalgona wagon as soon as they saw the episode featuring the Korean candy.

This challenge is a great one because restaurants are able to customize the shapes people can carve out of the dalgona, meme-style.

Lobster Burger Bar went with (duh) a lobster shape, creating a sugar cookie selling for $3. The top three fastest times for the challenge win a $100, $50 and $25 gift card, with 100 per cent of the proceeds donated to Sick Kids.

K Seoul Hotdog chose to torture people by going with the incredibly difficult umbrella shape along with other tough shapes, which few people have managed to carve out.

Savorology originally went with classic shapes from the show when they started offering dalgona candy, but now they're doing Halloween-themed shapes of a ghost and pumpkin that are available until Oct. 31.

Pear Bao in Upper East Food Club is also going the dalgona route. From Oct. 29 to 31, you get a free dalgona candy with any bao purchase, and there are prizes for carving out different shapes.

The umbrella gets you free bao, the star gets you free noodles, and you get a free $8 gift voucher for the circle or triangle.

If you want really want to recreate the thrill of Squid Game, you can check out airsoft target practice venue Pew Pew.

Starting Halloween weekend, you can book an experience that intertwines technical aspects of target shooting with aspects of the ddakji, dalgona, marbles and glass bridge challenges from the series.

The best part is, there's an actual piggy bank aspect, too: the winner of the session gets half their admission back.

The midtown location of Fit Factory is doing something similar, but revolving around fitness rather than airsoft practice.

After weekend fitness classes during the month of November, members can participate in six games with similar elements to Squid Game challenges. Challenge winners get a secret prize.

Even McDonald's has been getting in on the trend nation-wide: they created a mini tutorial on how to make your own ddakji out of your McDonald's containers.

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