Lobster Burger Bar

Lobster Burger Bar

Lobster Burger Bar is the spot for eating East Coast lobsters in a variety of different ways. 

This 7,000-square-foot restaurant is a lobster-eating paradise, with a menu that marries decadent marine crustaceans from the Atlantic with burgers and milkshakes.

lobster burger bar torontoIt takes over the upper floor of a King Street property which stood empty for years, sitting above Coffee Oysters Champagne to form a kind of unintentional plaza dedicated to seafood. 

lobster burger bar torontoI find that society has a weird relationship with lobster, which despite being one of the priciest entrees on any menu today, actually started off as the poor man's prison food pre-WWII. 

lobster burger bar torontoWhile Lobster Burger Bar is certainly no Red Lobster (arguably still one of the least intimidating amd budget-friendly ways to consume lobster), Lobster Burger Bar does manage to make this over-priced marine delicacy feel slightly more approachable, simply because it comes in so many different ways. 

lobster burger bar torontoThe YYZ lobster tacos ($12) are filled with pan-seared lobster, guac, sour cream, and pico de gallo in a tortilla holds up to its saucy contents. 

lobster burger bar torontoA classic lobster roll ($23) is served on fresh-baked brioche buns from Toronto bakery Epi, and are served with your choice of fries, rice, or salad. 

lobster burger bar torontoThere are options to get an entire massive lobster starting at 1.5 lbs ($42) to 2 lbs or more, but I highly recommend going for a one-person combo ($55). 

lobster burger bar torontoYou'll get a 1.5 lb lobster with a 10 oz burger (I recommend trying it with the bison burger from Thunder Ridge Farms for an extra $6).

lobster burger bar torontoIt comes with your choice of two sides, like a lobster mac and cheese. 

lobster burger bar torontoIt's meant for one, but it can easily be shared between two people. Combo options go up to $550 for 6-8 people. 

lobster burger bar torontoThe Halifax Burger ($28) blends the best of both worlds with 5 oz of lobster sandwiched between brioche bun, gooey cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and herb mayo. 

lobster burger bar torontoTo drink, the LBB Caesar ($14) is the Motts classic with 2 oz of vodka, a mini burger, lobster tail, and olives on a skewer. 

lobster burger bar torontoThe most over-the-top thing on the menu is definitely the Everything But The Kitchen Sink dessert ($18). Served in a custom fake sink, this gargantuan thing comes with all the sweets the kitchen has to offer, with three types of ice cream, fruits, and gluten-free brownies. 

lobster burger bar torontoIf you want something a little less extravagant, go for a milkshake ($6) in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or mint. 

lobster burger bar toronto

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Lobster Burger Bar

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Lobster Burger Bar

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