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Toronto restaurant launches Squid Game dalgona challenge and you can win free food

One Toronto restaurant wasn't necessarily the first to recreate the dalgona challenge from Squid Game, but they might have created the hardest version of it you can find in Toronto.

Savorology was giving out dalgona candy inspired by the hit thriller Netflix show Squid Game for free recently, and now K Seoul Hotdog is getting in on the game. They're not offering the candy for free, but if you can crack the challenge, you can get a free Korean dog.

That's proven more difficult than perhaps imagined however: only one person has defeated the challenge so far, and they've lowered the price of the dalgona.

While Savorology embraced some of the easier shapes to pop out of the dalgona candy in the show, like a triangle, but K Seoul is only offering them in the hardest shape from the show (spoiler alert): the umbrella.

They started selling the umbrella dalgona for $4.98 each (the same price as most of their dogs) on Oct. 11, and you can win an original hot dog for free if you can beat the challenge by perfectly carving out the complex shape.

"If you fail, you may not go home," the restaurant joked on social media. (Spoiler: on the show, those who crack the dalgona without perfectly carving out the specified shape are shot in the head).

Two days later, after only one person had beaten the challenge, they've lowered the price to $2.98.

"Did ya try licking it? Lol," one person commented on the social media post announcing the lower price.

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K Seoul Hotdog

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